The use of drugs together with alcohol while driving is one of the most frequent causes of traffic crash. Eradicating this habit is also several objectives regarding the General Directorate of Traffic, so depending on the amount of alcoholic beverage or narcotics in the particular blood, the sanction can end in jail.

This is the profile of the driver in a accident caused by alcohol

Since last Wednesday, the DGT began in order to handle possible drunk drivers a special plan to monitor alcohol and drugs that surface finishes next Sunday. Thus, this end of the week an increase in road controls is envisioned, since Saturday and Friday are the days in which the greatest driving a car offenses of this type are diagnosed.

Traffic has warned that there could possibly be controls at any time of day basically any type of road and that, due to the health and fitness emergency situation, All necessary steps will be taken to protect both car owners and agents.

This campaign will be part of the actions planned for TISPOL and is motivated by a file of the increase in drivers who have mistreated drugs and alcohol behind the particular wheel. The General Directorate of Targeted traffic has verified, in preventive manages, an increase from 35% throughout 2019 to 50% of the positives in breathalyzer tests. In the case of tests completed after an accident occurred, this fraction has increased from 19% to 23%.

The General Directorate of Traffic carried out between June 3 and 9 an awareness campaign and surveillance of the consumption of these substances at the wheel.
Alcohol consumption affects both car owners and pedestrians

Controls continue at Christmas

Although this year Christmas will be celebrated in another way and there will not be as many meals or business lunches, the particular DGT is committed to continuing to monitor the roads against the consumption of narcotic ingredients at the wheel.

Last yr, alcohol was the second reason behind fatal accidents that occurred (24%), just behind the interruptions. In total, more than one in three departed drivers had used alcohol as well as other drugs.