This is where the Hauge adventure began: – Has had a formidable development

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For Jens Petter Hauge (20), football has been play and fun on the loop, says his father. He thinks big club life in Milan suits his son perfectly.

– Milan is a huge club, with a fantastic history and traditions. The fact that he is going down there and playing football, and that they want him, it is big for us, says Jan Ingvald Hauge.

Tonight (Sunday) Milan plays at home against Spezia, Jens Petter


The picture of dad Hauge with his sons Runar (3) and Jens Petter (5), both with yellow socks, at home in the garden in Bodø in the summer of 2004, shows where the northern Norwegian adventure started – a story that is currently about one.

– He has always loved football. Like many others, he played for smaller clubs, FK Vinkelen and IK Junkeren, before he went to the academy in Bodø / Glimt as a 12-year-old. It is football on the loop, together with friends, that has dominated growing up. Not systematic training. Play and fun in the street was what drove him, Jan Ingvald Hauge recalls.

Little brother Runar, who after being on loan in Grorud, was a good playmate.

– Runar has always been nimble and he hung in the big brother’s jersey, says the father.

When the family moved to Bodø in 1999, for the father to start at the police academy, Jens Petter Hauge was part of the moving load, safely placed in the stomach of mother Gunn Heidi.

None of the parents are originally from Bodø. Jan Ingvald is from Garnes in Arna and speaks like a real Bergen native. Gunn Heidi is from Korgen in Nordland.

Dad Hauge eventually became both a football coach for his son and a police officer in Bodø.

– Without the intention to put the words in your mouth: Is it unreal what is happening now considering where he was a short time ago?

– It is unreal that such a large club comes on the field, and that there will be such a transition. We have evolved with him. We have seen that he has taken new steps as a human being and football player.


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