The restorations of old videos using artificial intelligence It is becoming more common ground and it seems that the trend will be to cover materials not necessarily recorded with real people in front of the camera.

We talk about how long ago we showed you what it looks like a video from over 100 years ago when artificial intelligence is applied to scale it to 4K and 60fps, and then we show you what it looks like the video of the only test that was made with the cannon atomic when the same technology is applied to it.

The results are astonishing and provide a new sense of immersion to the source material, but this time we will show you not a video recorded in real life, but a drawn animated that you probably appreciate.

Is about Tom y jerry, show premiered in 1940 and focused on the rivalry of the cat and mouse headlines.

The person responsible for the restoration was the canal Someguy14201 and, according to the video description, it was used DAIN-APP, free software that is currently in alpha phase and that allows you to take any video media for interpolate new frames, in order to generate a new rate of frame-rate.

It was also clarified that each duplicate frame after the use of DAIN-APP it was removed manually.

‘The video may be out of sync, because I’m really bad at editing. But let me know what you think of the interpolation ‘, read also in the description.

We do not know how much you will or will not enjoy the video, because unlike the real materials that we have shown you in the past, here there is no sense of immersion.

It is a cartoon that runs at an unusual speed, a consequence of the interpolation of new frames. Look:

But even if you didn’t like it, it’s amazing that one artificial intelligence interpret and make the frames that need to be interpolated.