Microwave ovenscause interference on the WiFi signal, but you are not aware of how much until you see it graphically represented.

A youtuber called Jesse Carvajal shared a video showing how the microwave affects WiFi.

In the images, collected by Gizmodo, You can see how Carbajal approaches the laptop to microwave. A network analysis program is running on the device that measures the electromagnetic spectrum in the room in real time.

Then tune the device to 2.4 GHz frequency and turn on the microwave.

The network bandwidth on some channels on the 2.4GHz band plummets from 30-50 mbps a solo 6-7 mbps.

The explanation is that microwaves and routers use the same type of electromagnetic energy, and both operate on the 2.4Ghz band with the only difference that microwaves emit their radiation with a thousand times more energy.

Microwaves typically have a power rating of around 1,000 watts, while routers don’t exceed 100 milliwatts. It would take around 10,000 routers arranged at the right angle on a huge satellite dish so that their emissions cooked like a microwave.

Although the microwaves are closed, part of their radiation escapes through the door, enough to disrupt the WiFi signal.