This is what Hamilton and Verstappen were described as by international media

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had many ‘fair’ fights already, but at Silverstone the fight for the first place was bittersweet. Hamilton expelled Verstappen from the race, and Hamilton even declared his title rival victorious at the finish of the stage. reflects on the controversy surrounding the international media.

Gazzetta – Hamilton action below the belt. World Cup is open again

As usual, we begin our review in Italy. The nation’s biggest sports newspaper sums up the race as follows: “Hamilton defeats Verstappen, wins.” After the contact in Round 1, the world championship is open once more. “Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have made contact, so the title battle is really heating up. Silverstone’s 140,000 spectators witnessed an event that will surely have an impact on the future of this beautiful and unpredictable world championship. Although Hamilton is credited with an impressive comeback, the pink sports paper says Hamilton was a little too slow to recover. Lewis came in hard, and Verstappen who is never discouraged and has the right to send in, didn’t hitchhike. A ten second penalty followed. Too light a penalty? It’s up for debate.

The journalist on duty views this as an important point in the title fight. “Max and Lewis didn’t want to give up. They have been treating each other with care and almost surgical precision during fights. The real clash came halfway through the season when the standings began to look more solid. Hamilton was still faced with Charles Leclerc as Ferrari’s driver. The…” JournalThis is a comparison to the European Championship final in which the Italian team won the lion’s hole. “Almost again like at Wembley… One week after the Italian victory at Wembley, another national team was poised to win in a British temple. This time it was the speed. It didn’t work out, but Leclerc still gets a lot of praise in the Italian press. “Hamilton’s return was at the expense of a great Leclerc.”

Image: The title fight is on edge following this crash.

Germany’s largest newspaper headlines are ‘MegaZoff um Verstappen Crash’. This conclusion is similar to the one found in the JournalHowever, the sentence is harsher: “Now Formula 1 World Cup battle will turn into a merciless war to win the world title.” It is obvious why. “The title rivals met in front 140,000 fans after a riveting duel in the first round. The Dutchman flew at 250 km/h in Copse’s super-fast corner and crashed into the tire stacks. Red Bull claims that he sustained 51G injuries in the crash. process, which is 51 times your own bodyweight.”

It’s important to remember that Verstappen was physically able to leave the scene and without suffering any severe injuries. He said, “He felt a bit lightheaded and he was black and white”. Picture. The German newspaper, however, pays close attention to Red Bull and Mercedes’s reactions. This is to emphasize that the relationship are at an all-time high. “All the statements after sound to us, especially as we prepare for more intense races or a fierce battle for words .

Sky Sports: We are very proud of Hamilton and Button at Sky Sports

British people are more relaxed about Hamilton’s actions, and the crash. So praises Sky SportsThe Brits’ catch-up was especially impressive after the incident. The journalist on duty concluded that Lewis Hamilton won despite the penalty, and that it brought Silverstone to its feet. Also, Hamilton fought back from the Max Verstappen crash penalty of 10 seconds. The penalty is subject to much debate, but there are many things that can be said. SkyThat is why I was very cautious. “The incident that ignited this already intense title race was caused primarily by Lewis Hamilton, according to the stewards. Red Bull strongly reacted to the penalty, which is the second-lowest penalty Formula 1 stewards can give.

Well, it speaks SkyThis incident is seen as a clear trend breaking in the mutual fight. “The rivalry between Hamilton & Verstappen has been intense throughout the entire F1 season but has remained respectful during the first races. The fierce competition between the drivers led to a frightening crash at Silverstone’s first round. Hamilton tried to create a slight hole on the inside. Verstappen got in. Hamilton was not on the right side, and Verstappen hit the Red Bull completely. Jenson Button, a journalist, is very conservative. However, Jenson has a clear opinion. He says that Lewis should have hitchhiked at the speed it occurred. Although he missed the apex at this speed and angle, it makes sense. Lewis was convicted of driving someone into the wall, and I believe that is justifiable.

L’Equipe, Hamilton hero in his country, Leclerc man to beat

The French traditionally close the circle along the fields. The team. First, and most importantly, there is much praise for Charles Leclerc. He was on his way in his Ferrari to win for a long while. The Monegask receives a 9-point score for its performance and the title of ‘drivers of the day’. These performances were completely eclipsed by the first lap. “The Dutchman started in pole position but was never able make it to the finish of the first lap.” Hamilton’s aggressive actions were responsible for this, as he had previously attacked several times and got off to a better start.

The incident is attributed to the reigning world champion, but the French sports paper praises him for the follow-up. Hamilton used the red flag, a group order, to get the job done and dealt with Leclerc. “Lewis Hamilton is once more a hero in his home country. On Sunday, the Mercedes driver proved that he was stronger than the elements to win his eighth Silverstone victory. As if he wanted a signal for the stewards, he passed Leclerc at Verstappen’s relevant corner. The teamWe should not forget that Hamilton did hitchhike with Leclerc during the fight and chose eggs to make his money. He took advantage of the fact the Ferrari driver was too generous after the fight.

Video: Hamilton’s actions, race management verdict and reactions afterward discussed


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