This is the strangest excuse to escape from prison. And it worked

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Anyone who has seen Matrix lies if they say that they have not thought about whether the world is actually real or a simple simulation. Given the plight of the planet right now, it’s an idea that most likely went through people’s minds. Some thought of escaping from prison with this.

Thus, several criminals claimed that they thought they were in the Matrix and used this surreal and aberrant motive as a defense for the reason they committed some crimes. And, what is probably most puzzling is the fact that some criminals actually escaped for this reason.

How these criminals thought of escaping from prison

The concept of Matrix defense, „The Matrix Defense”, was applied to several legal cases in which the defendants claimed that they believed that the real world is very different from what is perceived to be reality. Thus, using this defense, the killers can claim that, although they knew they were “killing” their victim, they believed that the victim would actually be alive in another reality.

This case is under the defense of the cause of mental health problems, which requires the defense to prove that the defendant did not have a healthy mind to understand the crimes he committed.

An example is that of Vadim Mieseges, a man from San Francisco who killed and cut his tenant. Miesges told authorities he believed he was in the Matrix and was unfit to be tried for insanity.

Lee Malvo, who is currently serving a life sentence for several crimes, allegedly shouted “Get rid of the Matrix!” After his arrest, he told the FBI to follow The Matrix if they want to understand his actions.

How did we come to live in a simulation of reality, and the Matrix prepared us for it? In recent decades, our perspective on reality has deteriorated significantly. On the one hand are the subjective news that distorts reality, and on the other are the social networks that mirror fragments of a perfect life. We already feel the consequences and they seem to be irreversible.


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