This is the security operation for the return of the National Team in an empty Bombonera

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Rigorous measures are carried out to take care of the protagonists of the match against Ecuador, although there is no public due to the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Argentine public cannot attend the Boca stadium, the security agencies nevertheless set up an operation in the form of a control ring in case fans gather to greet the squad before the match against Ecuador, in the debut in the Qualifiers towards the World Cup in Qatar.

In the operation that began at 4:00 p.m., ordered by the Football Safety Committee of the City Government, personnel from the City Police, City Firefighters, Government Control Agency (AGC) and Traffic Agents participate.

A ring was established 100 meters around the stadium to prevent the public from getting close and so that the official transmission trucks can be located. There were also two capsules for the transfer of the delegations’ buses.

The first was set up for Argentina, which traveled from the Ezeiza estate. The second, for Ecuador, who did it from a hotel in Puerto Madero. The same methodology was used for the arbitration board and the Conmebol authorities.

As a last measure, an awareness campaign was carried out on social networks to discourage the attendance of fans and thus not put health at risk and continue to comply with the corresponding protocol at a delicate time in the country in terms of Covid cases -19.


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