This is the Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime with 64MP Quad Camera

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The Galaxy M series of Samsung continues to expand its catalog before the end of 2020 and we must prepare for its third generation. On this occasion, Samsung announces the Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime as an alternative model to the Galaxy M31 that has been in the Indian market for several months.

This one, like all the other members of the Galaxy M series, has also been announced for the Indian market but there is hope that we will see the Galaxy M31 Prime outside of that country: now that the Galaxy F series relieves the hardware of several of the most successful Galaxy M, a Galaxy F31 could give us what we are looking for.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime

Right up here we have all the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime at our disposal. The most important, in any case. And as we can see, the front and back design of the Galaxy M31 Prime is exactly identical to the Samsung Galaxy M31s. Even in their hardware they are almost identical.

We could even say that more than an alternative version of the Galaxy M31 the Galaxy M31 Prime seems more like a slightly cheaper version of the Galaxy M31s. There are three cuts that Samsung has made with the Galaxy M31 Prime compared to the Galaxy M31s: its RAM memory options, its fast charging power and its dorsal camera.

On the front we have the same 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with Full HD + resolution with a 20: 9 aspect ratio. Well, strictly speaking, the Galaxy M31s sports the same display but 0.1 inches larger. The front notch that cuts a small “U” at its upper end serves in both cases of home for a 32MP selfie camera.

When we go immediately to the dorsal design, we will again find a quad camera with its lenses and its respective LED flash gathered in the same rectangular compartment. These lenses are also aligned in the shape of the letter “L” but instead of this right this shape of the letter “L” is upside down.

The lens settings are the same: wide angle, ultra wide angle, macro and depths. Only the 64 + 12 + 5 + 5 sensors of the Galaxy M31s have given way to a slightly cheaper alternative of 64 + 8 + 5 + 5. Exactly, it’s not a big difference even when it comes to the sensor on its ultra-wide angle lens with a 123º field of view.

Inside we will find the Samsung Exynos 9611 as a processor and this will be accompanied by 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB of internal UFS 2.1 storage capacity. Unlike the Galaxy M31s, the Galaxy M31 Prime does not offer any memory configuration with 8GB of RAM, just a single 6GB option.

In the power supply we will find another difference: the battery is the same huge 6000mAh capacity cell but with access to 15W fast charging technology instead of the more powerful 25W variant that the Galaxy M31s received months ago.

Samsung announces the Galaxy M31 Prime for India with a three-month subscription to the Amazon Prime service which, unfortunately, cannot be used by all users since this website does not provide its premium service in all countries. The approximate price of the Galaxy M31 Prime is US $ 225.


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