This is the Rowenta Explorer Series 60 robot vacuum

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The first robot vacuum cleaners were enthusiastically received by consumers, given that automate one of the daily tasks more boring, but also with some uncertainty for checking the efficiency of the work done. Today, when these types of devices have proven their worth and the help they provide at home, we must talk about constant improvements.

The new teams have added a lot of intelligence to clean better and consuming less time and energy resources, they have also added the scrubbing function. There have also been advances in design and noise reduction, so they integrate better into the home, to the point that they have become a successful appliance. ‘The trend that we see within the Spanish market is a desire on the part of the user to delegate cleaning tasks, which is why the innovation we do from Rowenta With the constant improvement of robot vacuum cleaners, it is very important. We want to contribute to the user ease and efficiency when cleaning your home. This is an upward trend, which is also shown in the increase in mobile-connected products, along with the sale of higher-value equipment, ‘he reports. Maria montero, brand manager linen care & home cleaning / marketing de Rowenta.

Product range

One of the brands that is committed to this type of device is Rowenta, which already has in its product catalog, among other versions, four Explorer ranges with differentiated prices and characteristics, which seek to adjust to the different cleaning needs of each home. All Explorers integrate advanced automation and mobile connectivity, and include a high-power suction motor with a high-performance filter that captures 99.9% of the particles. Highlights his motorized central brush, designed to suck up dust, no matter how small. To these technical characteristics must be added a intelligent navigation system and simple and intuitive handling.

Remote control

The Explorer have the possibility of connecting to the mobile to be able to establish the start of cleaning the home through its application Rowenta Robots. This tool allows program the device, decide the most suitable cleaning function at all times, consult the history of tasks performed, find out maintenance data and access the mapping system to be able to modify the priorities.

An additional advantage is that if you have a Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Siri assistant, the vacuum cleaner can be controlled in all its functions by voice.

This is Rowenta’s 60 series

One of the characteristics of the series 60, integrated into the Explorer family, is that it adapts better to the different heights of home furniture since is only 6 cm tall and 34 cm in diameter. Its specific design prepares it, and this is demonstrated in the tests carried out on a real cleaning scene, that scrubs, vacuums and advances until it reaches the corners, maneuvering under the lowest furniture and in those places where dirt tends to accumulate, such as under the bed or sofa. An additional advantage is its special wheel damping that allows you to raise and lower carpets (low pile) without inconvenience.

Cleaning and programming system

The cleaning results offered by this machine are very good and are also due to a brush combination: a motorized central one that cleans the floor, and two side brushes that move dirt with force towards the central one to be vacuumed.

His system Aqua Force with mop and water tank scrubs the floor while sucking up dirt, sweeping and cleaning with the central brush: a 4 in 1 system efficient. Count with one Exclusive Animal Turbo brush, made of two materials to collect pet hair and thicker particles, with a design that allows easy maintenance even with tangled hair.

Intelligence at the service of the home

Its intelligent methodical navigation system covers the entire surface of the home and allows the robot to move logically thanks to its gyroscope integrated. This device follows walls exactly thanks to a side sensor technology and automatically adapts its performance according to the type of floor, with a function designed to detect carpets.

Once the robot vacuum cleaner is connected to the dedicated application, the user can customize the cleaning program from anywhere and at any time. The Explorer 60 series is also compatible with voice assistants: Google Assistant and Alexa (via the app Rowenta Smarthome) and Siri (mobile version).

The application makes it possible to start it at a specific time and day, using the most suitable parameters of power or cleaning mode.


It has a lithium-ion battery that when it needs to be recharged or has finished cleaning, the robot returns to the charging base autonomously.

Featured values

The brand offers a 2-year international warranty. The device is repairable for 10 years at a minimal cost, according to the firm itself.
The Aqua Force system scrubs the floor while you vacuum, to remove the finest particles. The filter captures 99.9% of the dirt.
At 6cm tall it can crawl under furniture and other hard-to-reach spaces.
From the app Rowenta Robots compatible with all versions of Android and Ios, planning, maintenance and cleaning can be managed remotely.
A special cushioning mechanism on the wheels makes it possible to raise and lower the carpets (short pile) without problems.
Its methodical navigation system automatically adapts its performance according to the type of soil.

The idea behind the machine

‘From Rowenta we continue to bet and invest more and more in technology that provides concrete benefits for the home and quality of life for our consumers. Now we have launched the new Rowenta Explorer series 60 robot vacuum cleaners, which have a height of 6cm, which makes them the thinnest 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaners on the market, and can easily reach everywhere. They vacuum and scrub at the same time in all corners, easily maneuvering under furniture and in those places where dirt tends to accumulate, such as under the bed or sofa, achieving better results.

On the other hand, it provides the user with extra comfort since, being connected to the mobile phone, it can be handled in an easier and more intuitive way through its exclusive APP. It is also compatible with voice assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa for greater convenience, ‘says Maria Montero, from Rowenta.


The price of the device is about 450 euros.



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