YouTube It is probably one of the applications that has less design changes compared to other Google applications, which constantly test with changes here and there, or with the inclusion of new buttons and tools. The case of YouTube is not necessarily bad if we consider that the application for Android and iOS work very well, so the old saying “if it is not broken do not move anything” applies perfectly here. But, the case that we will talk about today there is something that is broken, although many users probably do not notice it.

It is very common for YouTube content creators to upload their videos from a computer, however, little by little more creators are encouraged to upload live broadcasts, or to upload content from their cell phones, and for a long time it seems that a One of the creators’ complaints is that the button to upload a content from Android is not exactly comfortable, although it is not a headache either.

This seems to be the reason why Google would be testing a new design for Android that has already been deployed to a limited number of users, in fact, one of them has shared with Android Police a screenshot with the new design.

A change for content creators

In the new interface that YouTube is already testing, we can now see a central button at the bottom with the “+” sign that will serve to upload videos recorded on the cell phone to the platform, start a live broadcast, or start recording and upload the video after the recording. It is not mentioned that this change integrates new functions, so we only talk about a button position change, which previously was in the upper right part of the screen with a camera icon.

For many, the camera icon to upload content was confusing because it referred to starting a live broadcast, hence even in some help forums people asked how to upload a video to the platform from an Android phone, so change the logo with a “+” sign will be much easier to associate with the idea of ​​uploading new content regardless of whether it will be live or recorded.

With this change, the subscriptions and library tab have been moved, so the notifications tab has disappeared, however, that does not mean that Google is going to eliminate it, because as mentioned in Android Police, in the new interface the button Notifications now occupies the place previously occupied by the camera icon we discussed earlier.

The change is really small but important for content creators who upload their material from their phone, and at the moment no more changes have been reported in the new interface.

Another detail that is mentioned is that for now Google will receive feedback from users who can already test the new interface and based on that they will decide whether to launch this change for all users on Android and probably on iOS as well.