This is the Philips Avent digital video baby monitor

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The Philips company has just presented a renewed catalog of products for personal care, kitchen / home and baby care, facing the Christmas and Kings campaign. Among the most innovative products stands out the series of baby monitors and in it the model SCD845, branded Philips Avent, whose main feature is to maintain a secure and private connection with the baby. Additionally, it stands out for a good sound quality that allows to listen to any alteration in the baby’s routine and by its camera that provides sharp images (6.8 cm / 3.5 “LCD) so you can see the space your little one is in. The design has also been significantly improved.

Relevant characteristics

The device works with pairing via micro phone, which ensures that the connection with the baby is private and secure. Can be combined with adaptive FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) to minimize interference.

It allows to observe the child even at night, by means of night vision by iinfrared It activates automatically in the dark. The perspective is good in the 3.5 “color screen with pan and digital zoom x2.

One thing to note is that the Eco way to reduce power consumption during quiet times in the baby’s room, while the link indication allows the connection to be maintained. This mode disables audio and video transmissions so that the units connect only when the baby makes a sound. The rechargeable parent unit has a 12 hour autonomy.

Added values

The equipment integrates the functionality of night light (a soft glow) and relaxing lullabies, in case it is necessary to calm the little one. From any room in the house, it is possible to select one of the 5 soothing tones and turn on the night light to help the baby fall asleep. It is also possible to talk to you from a distance.

Notifications to the parent parent unit can be customized with alerts or vibrations

Temperature sensor

The device includes a temperature sensor with alert to control the climate in the child’s room. The sensor informs, via the digital display of the parent unit, if the temperature of the baby’s room changes.

Adjustable microphone

The baby monitor has a function to change the sensitivity of the microphone and set the noise level that the baby unit detects. For example, you may want to hear him when he cries, but be less interested in hearing the babbling.


The parent unit will warn when the monitor is out of range or when the battery is running low, helping to ensure permanent connection.


6.8 cm (3.5 “) high resolution screen with night vision
Low power eco mode with connection indicator
Range of up to 300 meters outdoors
Indoor range up to 50m
Autonomy of up to 12 hours of operating time



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