This is the new store that the Rolling Stones opened in London in the middle of the pandemic

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While the historic band waits for conditions to get back on the road, it opened a merchandising store on the legendary Carnaby Street.

“Why open a store in the middle of a pandemic? It is our eternal optimism,” he joked Mick Jagger, 77 years old. Said and done. A sculpture of the famous red lips with the tongue out, logo of the Rolling Stones, introduces shoppers and fans to the sensory world of the legendary band, who just opened their iconic London store.

The universe of Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood y Keith Richards returns to Carnaby Street, London’s street most associated with rock and the creative “wacky” sixties of the last century, when the Stones began their dizzying career.

From this Wednesday, the followers of the band, whether teenagers or grandparents, can find all kinds of paraphernalia of the famous quartet in a corner of the British capital.

The store is located in the Carnaby Street number 9, where it is possible to buy shirts, jackets, umbrellas, agendas or even masks against COVID-19, with the massive language as a hallmark.

The business has two small floors and is also a visual tour that has five giant screens where you can see the group’s performances in different cities around the world throughout its almost 60 years of career.

In addition to having background music, in the business they can be seen in loop images of a energetic Jagger singing and dancing on stage or Richards playing guitar and Wood on bass.

Some sectors of the floor have the lyrics of the songs engraved, while one of the counters are adorned with red plates as sound waves of the song Paint it Black (1966).

Among the images is also the recording made by a very young Jagger, wearing a white T-shirt and vest, of the popular Angie, one of the emblematic themes of its distant beginnings.

In the middle of the pandemic, the masks with the red tongue of the Stones can be had for 15 pounds ($ 19.7). There are also shirts with the band’s logo for $ 33.

The most Rolling Stones fans have the opportunity to buy a drawing of the language signed by John Pascher, the British graphic designer who created the language logo in the early 1960s, today the unmistakable hallmark of the mythical band.

This attractive drawing, framed in black, is on sale for almost 2,000 pounds ($ 2,637), but Pascher has created just ten copies, of which three are already sold, he told the agency EFE David Boyne, managing director of the company that created the items for sale.

“We wanted to build a permanent store for the band” and “we managed to create A great experience“, he pointed.

“While we have amazing products to buy, we wanted fans to be able to enjoy the experience, the sculpture with the sound waves, the red tongue for a moment on Instagram, or the song lyrics on the floor. There are many opportunities for fans. It is like a road with great products but also a walk“explained the merchant.

The store will offer its products via Internet, which will allow the followers of the musical group to acquire some memory without having to move, as corresponds to these times, from their homes.

“If there are people who can’t come to Carnaby Street, Carnaby can go to the people. We work hard to ensure that the presence online was strong, “Boyne acknowledged from 9 Carnaby Street. The products were made in collaboration with renowned brands such as Stutterheim (coats) and Baccarat (glassware).

The furniture has been designed respecting the spirit and tastes of the band as the favorite chores predominate: red and black, while in the changing rooms you can see on the walls images related to the albums of his long career.



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