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The hit news of the day in the GALA ticker: Beatrice Egli gets a new man at her side +++ Vanessa Mai reinvents herself musically +++ Roland Kaiser reveals a private secret.

Schlager 2020: All information and news about your hit stars

30th of October

Beatrice Egli gets a new man at her side

Since her victory in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2013, Beatrice Egli’s, 32-year-old’s career has risen sharply. The fighting spirit of the Swiss-born has paid off – even with DSDS, the happy blond nature has not let herself be pushed into any role. No wonder: the hit is her life. And so Egli not only brings out one successful record after the other, but also stands as a presenter in front of the camera – and for “SWR Schlager – Die Show” the “Bunt” interpreter now has a very special co-presenter at her side !

Nobody less than Alexander Klaws, 37, will lead the show alongside Beatrice. The two have a very special connection to each other, after all, Klaws was able to win the first season of DSDS. Die-hard fans should be delighted with this news. We wish Beatrice Egli and Alexander Klaws all the best for their show!

October 29th

Vanessa Mai: No more Schlager – she takes a different path

Vanessa Mai, 28, will be releasing her new album “Mai Tai” in spring 2021 – and it is already becoming apparent: The singer is putting an end to Schlager! Because her current single “Mitternacht” distances itself from the music style with which the former DSDS juror has become famous: with modern beats and a rapper who supports the singer.

Certainly the decision to go into a different style of music was made in favor of a younger target group. But die-hard Schlager fans are likely to be disappointed – Mai has been traded as Helene Fischer’s hot offspring in recent years. As early as 2018 it became clear that Vanessa Mai was striving for a different musical path. In the same year the singer had her last hit appearance at the “Schlagerchampions”. We are excited to see where Vanessa Mai will develop and are looking forward to her new album.

28th of October

Roland Kaiser reveals a private secret

Roland Kaiser, 66, is a welcome guest on television with his personable manner and rousing songs. Most recently, the “Love can save us” interpreter was on stage with Florian Silbereisen, 39. In the show “Silbereisen congratulates: The big hit anniversary!”, The hit star was surprised with the platinum award for his album “Alles oder Dich”.

But that wasn’t the only surprise that evening. In an interview with Beatrice Egli, 32, Roland Kaiser showed himself from his private side – and made an intimate confession. “At home I also wear a suit – jogging suit!” The 66-year-old revealed to his fellow pop musician. While his outfit is always perfectly tailored to the occasion on stage, the singer likes it casual in his home.

Honest words for which the fans love their Roland Kaiser!

October 27

Michelle: In the new look at Florian Silbereisen – and the fans are freaking out

Michelle, 48, has a new look with her new album “Anders ist gut”. The blonde short hairstyle that was Michelle’s trademark has given way to a dark brown long hair mane. Michelle’s new hairstyle looks great, the singer can wear anything. Their fans, who were only able to convince themselves of it on Saturday, think so too.

Michelle was a guest of entertainer Florian Silbereisen, 39. In his show “Silbereisen congratulates: The great hit anniversary”, the Passau native caused big surprises and lots of hits. In addition to Michelle, Beatrice Egli, 32, Howard Carpendale, 74, Hape Kerkeling, 55, Giovanni Zarrella, 42, and Stefan Mross, 44, and Anna-Carina Woitschack, 27, were on stage.

The show delighted 5.6 million viewers. Numerous fans also watched Michelle’s appearance in front of the screens. The “Wer Liebe leben” interpreter reviews her performance on Instagram: “My first appearance with the new album ‘Anders ist gut’ at the big hit anniversary”, she writes about her contribution.

Michelle hit the bull’s eye with Instagram users, both with her look and with her new single. A fan comments: “You have completely reinvented yourself … mega-great … almost didn’t recognize you with that great, dark mane. Wow !!!!”. “You looked great and the performance was great,” enthuses another. And another attested: “Your performance was perfect.”

October 26th

Beatrice Egli with toilet confession at the “Schlager Jubilee”

Beatrice Egli, 32, always cheers the fans with her fresh, natural manner. At the “Schlagerjubiläum” last Saturday, she not only cut a good figure in her gorgeous outfit: The pop singer is never at a loss for a quick-witted line. In conversation with Roland Kaiser, 68, she then slipped out this intimate toilet confession.

Beatrice asked the hit legend on the subject of Corona times whether he would just lie on the sofa sometimes. “Sure, you too, right?” Was his answer. Egli replied: “We’re all normal people. We even go to the toilet,” and grinned. With this cheeky saying, one or the other spectator could not help but laugh. And that’s exactly why we love the “Bunt” interpreter.

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