Electric bicycles are one of the new protagonists in urban mobility. There is a growing offer of models with better features and at more affordable prices, although it is true that they are vehicles with a relatively high cost.

However, directly from Copenhagen, Strom’s Citybike is determined to break the myths who claim that electric mobility, even on bicycles, is expensive. Its price is slightly close to 1,000 euros, although it is true that the 995 must be added VAT, so the final cost would be around 1,200 euros.

Despite this, the cost of the Citybike goes beyond a good value for money taking into account the level of its benefits. What are its best features?

  • The electrical system. It is integrated into the frame design and is removable.
  • The battery. From Samsung, with a capacity of 10 Ah.
  • The autonomy. Perfect for medium routes and daily trips: 60 kilometers.
  • The transmission. Shimano brand, with 7 relationships.
  • Power. The motor is self-made and has two power modes, 250 W or 350 W.
  • Top speed. It is adjusted to the European market with a limitation of 25 kilometers per hour but in the most powerful engine variant it can reach 32 km / h.
  • His design. It is 100% Nordic, light and elegant.

All these characteristics make it an almost perfect e-bike, without adding the price factor. Although you could not expect less from a Danish company, since in this country the bicycle is the usual means of transport with more than half a million vehicles of this type circulating on the streets of the capital.

Five-star electric bikes, for mountain and city, for less than 2,000 euros

Why are your prices so affordable?

The truth is that, at first, finding such an affordable electric bike can make any buyer suspicious, especially when the average of the e-bikes with better benefits exceeds a couple of thousand euros in price.

What are the reasons Strom can maintain such competitive prices? Basically, the lack of intermediaries. The same brand produces, transports and markets each model, so they can afford to cut costs that usually affect the consumer. In addition, with the exception of the battery and the transmission, the rest of the bicycle components are manufactured by the Danish company itself.

The new edition of the Citybike (which has 2,000 units, although according to its website there are only 9 available) will begin to be distributed during this month of October.