Training at home, for a few months, has become the solution of many to be able to squeeze their routines and ensure a few minutes to daily sport. Thus, after a small (and necessary) investment to get some of the necessary tools to achieve it, exercising in the living room has been the best solution to pursue the objectives fitnessthat characterize the return to the course and face, once and for all, the strength training that has so many benefits (if done well) for our health. However, as our body begins to assimilate the movements and ask for new challenges, We often find that the dumbbells we buy (not adjustable!) do not offer the necessary resistance and that, therefore, are no longer useful.

Far from falling into the same error, the common thing is to look for elements to which weight plates can be added to ensure that (almost) we will always have the option to increase the demand of our exercises. But, this can also be a problem: Exceeding the kilos can lead us to adopt inappropriate postures during training That end up assuming a loss of postural hygiene and the appearance of injuries in the back area. So how can we safely do a sports routine at home? Instagram seems to have the answer and called Tidal Tank.

In recent weeks, we have been able to see how feeds were filled with videos of infuencers working with an inflatable tool fitness that, in addition to be able to adjust to our requirements by choosing the amount of water with which to fill your PVC tank, It is, according to its manufacturers, capable of reacting and adapting to our movements. This way, it would be able to avoid movement patterns that cause injuries or pain while, given the instability provided by moving water, it would make us work more muscles or balance.

This tank can weigh from 2 to 20 kilos depending on the volume of water.

Although the one that we have highlighted on these lines is the most popular in the networks, in the Amazon catalog we can find other more affordable models that will also help us implement our trainings. This is the case of Dimok’s proposal It can also reach 20 kilos in weight and includes a foot pump for easy inflation.

This bag also reaches 20 kilos.
This bag also reaches 20 kilos.

More work progressing and fewer injuries

The main objective of these implements is to offer a new way to work on strength in training sessions and avoid having to count on countless accessories of different weights that only occupy space at home, since The weight will depend on the liters of water (from 2 to 20) with which this inflatable cylinder is filled. In this way, the weight adapts according to our movements.

And what benefits does it bring? To begin with, leaning the weight according to our movements helps avoid patterns that can cause injury or muscle pain. In addition, the instability of the water contributes to activating and working muscles that, perhaps, went unnoticed in certain workouts. It also improves our balance and body control, two fundamental aspects when it comes to working with weight and toning our body. Another of its advantages is that it offers us a clear progression in our workouts, since it allows us to start with a few liters and increase the amount as we improve.

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