Bicycles have been launched to conquer the city and stand out in urban mobility thanks to your benefits related to sustainability and zero emission targets, on the one hand; and with the comfort and savings in travel, on the other.

The five folding e-bikes perfect to get back to work effortlessly

The electric modality has more followers every day and it is not difficult to explain: assisted pedaling is a great factor to take into account if, for example, the bike is the daily vehicle with which we travel to work.

And not only for comfort, but for design, the new electric model from Beno Technologies is the latest in e-bikes. Reevo, his only creation, is an electric bike without spokes. Reevo dispenses with conventional wheels thanks to a system composed of a robust but at the same time very light core that supports the tire. This acts at the same time as a rim and includes the inner tube.

Reevo is focused for urban commuting and has a 750 watt motor, a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour (about 40 kilometers) but is homologated at 25 kilometers per hour in Europe to respect the limits of the VMP.

The Citybike model from the Danish brand Strom.
This is the most affordable electric bike on the market (and it comes from Copenhagen)

The battery is removable and fully charges in three hours. It has a range of up to 60 kilometers and a power of 48 volts that supply up to three different driving modes.

But the design is not the only futuristic aspect of this e-bike, as it is equipped with the latest technology. There is even a fingerprint unlocking system available to prevent theft and a screen that resembles a control panel.

The only negative aspect is its price, which is almost 3,500 euros due to the few units manufactured. Anyway, It has a launch offer that is still operational, which would leave its price at 1,700 euros.