This is the deadline that Giannis has to sign a new contract- These teams are lurking | NBA

The new season in the NBA starts in a few weeks, as the first jambol is scheduled for December 22.

The process of player exchanges between the teams will start tomorrow. At the same time, players will have the opportunity to renew their contracts either by signing a super max contract, or a new one after the rookie.

The first case concerns Giannis Antetokounbo. The Bucks want to keep the Greek forward and will offer him the super max contract. However, although the contract of “Greek Freak” expires in the summer of 2021, if he wants to sign a new one with the “deer”, he can not do it whenever he wants.

Specifically, the relevant deadline to put his signature on the “golden” deal expires one day before the first jambol of the new season and specifically on December 21st. Otherwise, Antetokunbo will automatically be free next summer to choose the next stage of his career.

But there are teams that are determined to do everything they can to get it. The Golden State Warriors are known to have put Giannis very high on their list, while teams such as the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks have entered the dance.

Teams that either want to stabilize even more in the NBA elite, or make the move-mat to claim the championship in the new season.

At this stage, John has expressed a desire to continue in Milwaukee fighting for a title with Mike Budenholzer’s team. There he feels comfortable, as it was the team that selected him in the NBA Draft.

On the other hand, however, he has stressed in his statements that the “deer” must make the right moves to fight for the title. The choice of Chris Paul remains on the … table, with Antetokunbo having stressed on several occasions (and in various tones) that what he wants is to have on his side players who will raise the level of the team and bring the Bucks in position. validity for the conquest of the title.


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