2019 was the fashion year for dark mode, not only did it come natively for Android and iOS, but many popular apps started updating with dark mode to offer users aesthetic improvements and also to save battery in the case. that they had phones with OLED screens.

Google was one of the manufacturers that was working to bring dark mode to its most popular applications such as Gmail, Photos, Assistant, Play Store and many more, however, the great absent was Google Maps, which despite being one of the Google’s most popular apps have been among the last to release this feature.

For some, Google Maps It already had dark mode, because when we use the navigation at night the screen is “painted” black, although in reality this could not be considered as dark mode because the entire interface had to be set with a black background regardless of the time of day .

Dark mode officially comes to Google Maps

The new dark mode is already appearing for users who have version 10.51.1 installed on Android, however, it is not so easy to activate it, because as is common in Google, the activation of dark mode comes from the servers of the company, so little by little users are beginning to see this feature.

If you want to check if the dark mode is available on your phone you have to make sure that you have version 10.51.1 or higher on your Android phone, then you must go to the settings by pressing on your avatar in the upper right. Once in the settings menu you should find an option that says “Appearance”, and this is where it will allow you to switch between light and dark mode.

In our case, it is still not possible to see the dark mode in operation despite having the necessary version for this feature, so we show you what the dark mode of Google Maps looks like courtesy of 9to5Google.

As you can see, this dark mode is the same as other versions of Google, where dark gray predominates more than black, however, the company says that battery saving is also important despite not using the deep black of the panels OLEDs that turn off their screen pixels to offer that deep black that in turn saves battery.

In case the option is activated from the servers and you have the dark mode activated by default on your phone, then the dark mode of Google Maps should also be activated by default.