This is the Chromecast with Google TV, features, news and prices

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Chromecast changed the way we watch television by bringing content from the web to television. It was an idea that was born in 2013 and that today has curdled in the user by making it easier for the wide range of entertainment, which is distributed among a vast variety of applications, to be found more easily. Chromecast It is a device specially designed to navigate the available content offer, in an easier way.

Chromecast con Google TV it keeps the functions of the previous Chromecast, and adds the new Google TV entertainment experience. It brings together movies, series, etc., from different applications (and particular subscriptions), and organize in a personalized way. An added value is the remote control, a feature that greatly simplifies the use of this service in everyday use.

Technological improvements

The device is easy to use as it adapts to the HDMI port on the TV and hides behind the screen. As soon as you turn it on, you can start watching videos on a resolution up to 4k with HDR and up to 60 images per second, so there is no loss of quality compared to other reproduction systems, quite the contrary. Integra Dolby Vision, to have quality color, contrast, brightness and detail on the TV screen. Supports Dolby audio content through HDMI.

Regarding its aesthetics it should be noted that it is compact and slim, so it does not give problems in placement.

Multifunctional remote control

The remote control has been an aspiration among Chromecast users and, really, it makes it much easier to use by having voice control, in addition to other functions. It comes with an exclusive button for the Google Assistant, which helps to find something to see, answer everyday questions like What will the weather be like tomorrow?, or play YouTube Music. It should be mentioned that these possibilities are compounded by the control of smart home lights and creating environments, or monitoring the front door if we have a camera.

The remote also has specific buttons for the streaming most popular: YouTube and Netflix, which allow instant access to content on these platforms. An added value is that this remote control minimizes the need to use others, as the device allows you to control different functions of the TV. All this greatly simplifies the search for content and access to it.


In use, this little device gives much appreciated help. The eyelash Homepage Google TV provides users with personalized suggestions for their subscriptions, organized according to what they like to watch, as they learn from previous selections. The Pendings list allows you to mark the movies and series that you want to save for later, and can be added to the Watchlist from the phone or laptop.

A notable value is that you can search among hundreds of movies and series ordered and optimized based on the personal tastes, for this it is enough to ask the Google Assistant that shows the results of all your favorite apps, like Disney +, Netflix, YouTube, etc.


Chromecast with Google TV are priced at 69.99 euros and is available in colors: snow, sunrise and sky.

What we liked

The Chromecast with Google TV does the same as previous versions, adding the Google TV experience and the Google Assistant. Collect movies and shows from favorite apps and organize according to preferences.

It is a more powerful device than previous generations, preserving its design compact and slim, which attaches to the TV’s HDMI port and is hidden from view.

Offers a excellent image quality in up to 4K HDR and 60 images per second. With Dolby Vision, and compatible with Dolby audio content through HDMI.

The new voice remote control has the ability to control the TV or soundbar, adjust the volume, exchange inputs, etc. The specific button for the Google Assistant allows you to search for favorite shows, get answers, etc. There are also dedicated buttons for the YouTube and Netflix platforms.

This device is well equipped to find what you want to see in the applications, so it is reduce search time.

It is possible to find programs based on personal preferences, as the device organizes content based on previous selections and expressed interests. An attractive feature is that you can tell Recommend me something to see and thus obtain a list of movies and programs, to taste.

Expand the functions of your television with the capabilities of the Google Assistant. You can also control smart home appliances: lights, air conditioning, etc.

It makes it possible to move content from the small screen (of a mobile for example) to the big screen, thanks to the many compatible applications of Android e iOS.

Note that Chromecast can be grouped with other Nest speakers and displays to play synchronized music in multiple rooms. Works with audio apps, including YouTube Music and Spotify.

Finally it makes it possible to reproduce the photos from the Google Photos library directly on the TV.


Chromecast is designed with recycled materials, which helps reduce waste going to landfills. 49% of its parts are made from recycled plastic.



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