A study has revealed what is the age in which the human being feels worse about his life. After examining 500,000 people from 145 countries, research led by Danny Blanchflower for Dartmouth College, in the United States, reveals that 48.3 years old is when we feel worst, pick up the Daily Mail.

But happiness is shaped like a ‘U’, according to Blanchflower: “No buts. Well-being is shaped like a ‘U’. It happens in poor and rich countries. I have found it in Europe, Asia, America, Australasia and Africa. “

Thus, to the question “How satisfied are you with your life today?”, Those who were at the end of the 1940s were those who more negative responses were given.

According to Banchflower, “it seems normal to have a well-being slump in mid-life, but for many, especially those with few skills, little social support and little (or no) savings, the 2008 crisis was too much.” “Being in your 40s or 50s exacerbates vulnerability to misfortune and shocks, he adds, and remembers that the coronavirus pandemic can cause a similar effect.

But the study also reveals that once that crisis of 48.3 years is over, life takes a turn and our happiness improves until reaching a new maximum after turning 70.