“This is not the Spanish Congress”

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“This is not the Carrera de San Jerónimo.” This phrase by Josep Borrell is worth to understand that the ‘Spanishization’ of the European debate on Venezuela usually ends in clashes. This Tuesday was no exception. The EU High Representative had to explain the Union’s mission to the European Parliament sent to the Latin American country to get the Nicolás Maduro regime to delay the elections next December 6. That set off the alarms of the European Parliament, which reproached Borrell for having acted “behind the backs of the States” and in a “clandestine” manner.

Whenever there is a debate on Venezuela, the European Parliament becomes abuzz, and Borrell ended up raising the tone with Antonio Tajani. “This It is not the Spanish Congress, if you want to discuss Spanish politics, do it in MadridNor am I the Foreign Minister of the Sánchez government, “the head of European diplomacy vehemently expressed, to which former President Tajani reproached him for not having counted on the countries.” Respect the States, “he snapped. Borrell’s answer was based on saying that he had been “president of the European Parliament”, so he had to “keep his composure”.

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