In a shocking case, five dead children were found in an apartment building in the German city of Solingen near Düsseldorf on Thursday. Police and the prosecutor held a briefing on Friday.

Police suspect the murder of a 27-year-old mother of children.

Police believe the killing work was done between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. After this, the children’s mother had attempted suicide by jumping under a train in Düsseldorf, but survived seriously injured. He is being treated in a hospital.

A 1-year-old died in a killing job Melina, 2 years old Leonie, 3 years old Sophie, 6 year old Timo and 8 years old Luca, says image.

According to the prosecutor, the children had been given sedatives and had since been suffocated. When police arrived on the scene, the killed children lay in their own beds.

A heartbreaking message to a school friend

However, one of the children in the family is still alive.

Police confirm that the 11-year-old boy is with his grandmother. It is not yet clear why the mother had spared the eldest son.

You know according to the boy had sent a heartbreaking message to his classmate on Whatsap.

– Hey, this is me, Marcel. I just wanted to say you won’t see me anymore because all my siblings are dead. Ps. It would be nice if you called.

The classmate had immediately called the 11-year-old, who was with his grandmother at the time.

The Ministry of the Interior of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia confirmed to Spiegel that the mother had initially taken the 11-year-old to Düsseldorf. He had survived without bodily injury and then traveled to his grandmother in the town of Mönchengladbach.

You know by Christiane-mother would have picked up the boy from school in the middle of the school day and then left for Düsseldorf. By that point, the other children had already died.

According to a school friend interviewed by Bild, the mother would have told the boy to travel to his grandmother and then missed the train himself. He had since tried to kill himself.

Police have reported that the children’s father has been contacted. Police have not yet stated the cause of death of the children, for example, but have said the case is suspected of a crime.

28-year-old ex-husband Pascal is the biological father of the four youngest children. The two oldest children have two different biological fathers.

According to Bild, the ex-husband is a former soldier and has since been unemployed.

Mom burned out

According to the head of the murder commission, the motive is not yet certain, but it may be related to the divorce that took place a year earlier, says Spiegel.

Police currently assume that the mother was in an “emotionally exhausted state” at the time of the murder. He acknowledged the act to his own mother with a whatsapp message.

– Send the police to the apartment, the children are dead, the message read according to Bild.

He also wrote that he could no longer. This was due to a divorce, according to the murder commission.

There had been contact with the family about child welfare in the city before the killing work. However, according to the child protection bulletin, it was not aware of the threat to children.

According to Bild, in April 2020, police had visited the family due to suspicion of domestic violence. The children’s mother had told police that her husband had tried to jump out the window, but she would have prevented it.

Also in June and August, police had been present at the family’s apartment. At that time, the mother had reported her husband because of the theft.

After the separation, the man had lived with his mother about 11 miles from the family apartment. The mother of the children had apparently felt left on fire alone.