The times that run can negatively influence training routines if you do not have certain mechanisms to be able to adapt the exercises of a weight training room to other contexts, such as the living room or a public park.

To be able to train anywhere with the same intensity as we would in a gym, It is important to take into account two aspects: that the new exercises imitate as much as possible the movement pattern with which they were previously training and that the intensity and / or degree of effort are within a similar range.

So explains it the personal trainer of the School of Health Vive! Miguel Barrios, which emphasizes that you have to understand the basic principles of training to make the necessary modifications without completely changing the exercises, since this would greatly affect the sporting objectives.

To be able to exchange the basic exercises of a weight training room for more homemade variants, this trainer gives us the keys and the necessary examples below.

Squat and squat derivatives

If performing this exercise you reach 10-15 repetitions with effort, can be substituted by similar ones such as the Bulgarian one leg squat or a step-up (or going up to the bank or stairs) carrying some weight and / or stepping on a rubber band or elastic that in turn surrounds our neck leaning on the middle part of the traps.

The modification It should allow you to reach that rep range with the same fatigue as with 200 kilos in the press or 100 in the squat and this is achieved, for example, by doing the exercises on one leg in this case.

Barbell squat.

Hip or hip thrust hinges

The hip thrust so fashionable can be replaced by one of its variants one leg with or without hip load (for example, a backpack with jerry cans or bottles of water).

A one-legged bridge (without alternating legs) with a slower playing tempo will be an excellent alternative as, done right, it can be a great strain for the gym’s intensity range.

Rows or horizontal pulls

Rows and pull-ups they are the most problematic to adapt without material although the problem is solved if you have a TRX or in the park there is an installation such as the bars.

With the TRX you can also rowing with body weight and it can also be done with a rubber band. Even under a table it is possible, as long as it is heavy and firm, rising to the chest and lowering until it is close to the ground.

Barbell row.
Barbell row.

Bench press or horizontal thrusts

This is another of the basic exercises which can be replaced by some push-ups. For most people it is usually enough (since they represent around 50-60% of our body weight) or even too much, so they can be modified and made inclined.

If we do many more repetitions than are worked in the bench press, there are more interesting options such as They would be the push-ups with greater separation of the arms, which emphasize more on the opening (like when we do dumbbell openings), clap them or take your hands or feet off the ground.

Vertical thrusts or lateral raises for shoulders

This is perhaps the easiest exercise to adapt. Any object that can be grasped can be found at home or it can be executed with some weight plates. To intensify the exercise, a slower playing tempo is sufficient.

Lateral raises for shoulders.
Lateral raises for shoulders.

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