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So much undervalued the coronavirus that in the end ended up infected. That’s right, since the early hours of that Friday, serving quarantine after testing positive, The president of United States, Donald Trump. The first lady, Melania, has also succumbed to infectivity of the pathogen her husband has made fun of so much.

The first time the US president was seen wearing a mask was on July 12, despite the fact that the health authorities recommended them from April 3 to curb infections in the nation most affected by the pandemic.

He did so on a visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he made a closed visit to the press to wounded soldiers and medical personnel who has been caring for patients of covid-19.

He considered from then on that wearing a mask was a “patriotic” act, statements that contrasted with his initial skepticism and that they pointed to a change in strategy by the agent.

However, the navy blue mask, with the presidential seal embroidered in gold on one side of the canvas, he disappeared last Monday in the embarrassing spectacle he gave during the debate for the November elections that faced Democrat Joe Biden, who did wear the mask.

This was the first time that Trump and Biden saw each other since the campaign started, which, added to the scarcity of face-to-face electoral events due to the pandemic, it triggered the anticipation of the debate.

At a rally packed with people, many of them without masks and without any distance between them, Trump mocked his Democratic rival. “He always goes with the mask on. All that money in plastic surgery to cover her with a mask, “Trump added.

Trump wanted to insult his opponent during the debate by calling him a “socialist” and Biden defended himself by accusing him of “lying.” And reasons were not lacking.

The president of the United States knew in February of the deadly danger posed by the coronavirus while in public minimizing the severity of the pandemic And even when, more than a month later, he publicly accepted that seriousness, he acknowledged that he consciously underestimated, and want to keep doing it, according to him “so as not to create panic & rdquor; among the population.

Despite this disturbing recognition, Trump has not hesitated to proclaim himself the hero of the pandemic for “avoiding” millions of deaths and has repeatedly blamed China for “letting the plague escape.”

“Don’t call it the coronavirus; it’s the Chinavirus. Corona, corona sounds like an Italian villa or something. Es Chinavirus “, Trump scoffed at a campaign rally near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Nor has Donald Trup cut himself off when referring to the situation in Spain. “He’s having a hard time”, he snapped to counter the impact of the pandemic throughout the European Union to that of his country, “which has done much better,” he celebrated proudly without knowing that the virus was stalking him until this morning. it has been installed in the noblest area of ​​the White House.



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