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Biden gets victory in Wisconsin and Michigan. The battle is being fought in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona

With the vast majority of states defined, the hopes of Donald Trump and Joe Biden are reduced to a few million votes left in six entities. The historic presidential election will have a photography finale in an overtime caused by the high number of early votes and by mail. The Democrat has taken Wisconsin and Michigan, while Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona remain as the final battle territories for Democrats and Republicans. The big cities in these entities, with a greater inclination for Biden, could give the candidate the necessary push to achieve the 270 votes of the electoral college. The Trump campaign, however, has already advanced that it will require recounts in the territories where it loses by a handful of votes. Here we tell you about the headcount in these vital regions for the next president of the United States.

Joseph R. Biden: 253

Donald Trump: 214

Donald Trump leads in this state by about 33,300 votes. The last Democrat who won Georgia (16 electoral votes) in a presidential election was Bill Clinton in 1992. President Trump has 2,418,987 votes (49.9%) compared to 2,371,876 (48.9%) for his opponent. The hope of the Democratic campaign is set in the 6% left to count. They expect in this number a great support coming from the large urban areas of the state, which seemed lost for Biden on Tuesday night. The boost from early and mail-in votes in big Democratic strongholds like Atlanta, which has a black population exceeding 50% and where Biden leads Trump three to one. Savannah and Columbus can also lead the former vice president to victory. This would ensure the 16 votes of the Electoral College. The election manager in Fulton County (Atlanta) reported Wednesday afternoon that they are working in forced marches to count 100,000 votes received by mail. For Biden to win here he must conquer six out of ten of them.

It is the great loot at stake. Represents 20 electoral votes. Both candidates know of its importance and it was noticed in the closing of the campaign, where both were focused during the last hours. Trump won it in 2016 and it is vital for him to retain it this year. At the moment, with 88% scrutinized, it maintains an advantage of 184,000 votes. He has 51% compared to 47.8% for Biden, who has cut several percentage points throughout the day (up about 400,000 votes). A little over half a million remains to be counted. The local authorities, of the Democratic party, have set a deadline until Friday to finalize their calculation. However, they have also suggested that the result may come on Thursday given the great pressure that exists for the presidential race to be defined. Biden said Tuesday night in his speech that this entity will win. Trump has requested through one of his lawyers that the Supreme Court, with a conservative majority, intervene to stop the counting of some votes in the entity.

Despite representing only six electoral votes, the entity can help tip the balance in a close contest. The top two urban counties have rallied in support of Biden. The rural area is for Trump. It is one of the entities that lags behind with the count: only 86% and still 300,000 ballots to register. At the moment, Biden surpasses Trump by about 7,600 votes: 588,252 (49.3%) compared to 580,605 (48.7%) for the Republican. The local electoral authorities have informed that they will communicate a new cut of results on Thursday at noon.

If Biden definitively conquers this entity (11 electoral votes) it would be a great surprise of the election. The Democratic candidate leads by 79,173 votes, although his margin has been reduced. He has 50.7% of the votes (1,444,213) compared to 47.9% (1,365,040) of the current occupant of the White House. Less than 600,000 anticipated votes remain to be counted. Unlike what happens in other battles, Republicans hope to win the missing vote in a conservative stronghold. A spokesman for President Trump’s campaign said Wednesday morning on Fox News that he will win by 40,000 votes. Tonight, around 10:30 p.m., there will be a new information court in Maricopa County, the most populous county and where Biden is leading.

Wisconsin: The State has fallen from the Democratic side. Biden got 49.4% of the vote, a victory over Trump of just 20,510 votes. The former vice president thus obtained 10 votes from the Electoral College thanks to a good performance in large cities. In Milwaukee, for example, he was three-to-one ahead of the president. A spokesman for the Republican campaign, however, has announced that it will demand a recount of the votes for the small difference. This may mark the Administration’s strategy to defend the vote in the most contested states.

Michigan: Biden seizes the state from Donald Trump, who won it in 2016. The president’s lawyers have tried to stop the count due to the unfavorable results. In fact, minutes of tension were experienced in the places designated for the computation. The president has raised the suspicion of fraud particularly on this Midwest entity, traditionally Democratic until four years ago. Biden gets 49.8% of the votes (2,684,200) compared to 48.6% (2,617,060) for Trump.

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