This is how the vote count goes in 6 pending states

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The future of United States it is played in six of its 50 states. After hours of counting, calculations and waiting, the 2020 presidential elections between the Republican Donald Trump and the democrat Joe Biden they decide on Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Arizona Y Alaska, where ballots are still counted. [Sigue las últimas noticias de las elecciones en EEUU en directo.]

Each state allocates a certain number of large electors or electoral votes. With those already counted, Biden has 253 voters and Trump, 214. They are needed 270 to get to the White House. This is the electoral contest in the decisive states right now, at 11.00 Spanish time:

Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes)

This vital state grants 20 electoral votes. 89% of popular votes have already been counted in this industrial ‘Rust Belt’ state, where both candidates campaigned strongly. Trump has a clear advantage (50.7% versus 48% for Biden), but according to the US media, the many votes by mail should favor the Democrat, who hails from there. Pennsylvania allows votes cast before Election Day to be counted up to three days after Election Day, so many ballots may not enter the vote until the end of the week.

Georgia (16 electoral votes)

Georgia, with 16 electoral votes, it is a traditionally Republican state and one where a Democrat has not won since 1992, but this time the contest seems tighter due to a possible increase in the turnout of African Americans in favor of Biden. With 95% scrutinized, Trump is the leader of Biden, 49.6% compared to 49.1%.

Nevada (6 electoral votes)

With 6 electoral votes, it is a state from the western desert who elected Hillary Clinton in 2016. With 86% scrutinized Biden rules by 8,000 votes, with 49.3% compared to 48.7% for Trump. No Republican candidate has won there since Bush in 2004. The end result, which could lead Biden to the White House, will probably not be known before Thursday morning.

North Carolina (15 electoral votes)

Here are 15 big voters at stake. 95% of the votes have already been counted in this traditionally Republican state. At the moment the advantage is for Trump (50.1%) over Biden (48.6%), but mail-in votes sent through Election Day Tuesday will be valid there through November 12.

Arizona (11 electoral votes)

With 86%, Biden has a 50.5 and Trump 48.1. Here are 11 electoral votes at stake.

Alaska (3 electoral votes)

Alaska’s top 3 voters have yet to be attributed to any candidate, but Democrats haven’t won there in decades. With 56% scrutinized, Trump gets 62.9% and Biden 33%.



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