There is barely a month left until winter officially begins, so they are already starting to activate all devices and special campaigns With which it is intended to fine-tune the road network and the machinery necessary to maintain road safety throughout the route, both national and provincial.

Last week the meeting was held that activated the Winter Viability Campaign for this season from 2020-2021 and in which the General Directorate of Traffic, that of Roads, the Department of National Security, and other State agencies involved in road safety such as the General Directorate of Civil Guard and the General Directorate of National Police were coordinated, as well as such as the General Directorate of Defense Policy, the Military Emergency Unit and the State Meteorological Agency. The meeting was directed, how could it be otherwise, by the Ministry of the Interior and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergencies.

The devices that are activated on the roads according to the rainfall that is recorded They will also be coordinated by the provincial councils of each community, on which the budget distribution also depends. From the Interior they have pointed out that the approximate total cost of this campaign is about 66.6 million euros.

The central government has reported that, for the moment, the following means are in place to ensure the good condition of the roads and that these belong both to the Ministry and to other organizations, such as the UME.

From the Ministry there are available:

  • 1,407 push snow plows.
  • 33 dynamic snow blowers.
  • 339 flux warehouses and 552 silos with storage capacity for more than 246,147 tons of flux.
  • 33 emergency car parks located at strategic points on the road network.

From the Military Emergency Unit (UME) of the Ministry of Defense:

  • 26 snow plow.
  • More than 120 vehicles specially prepared to act in adverse situations (TOA, VEMPAR, gondolas, wheel loaders or chain dozer).
  • It also has a territorial deployment in 31 sections with 1,400 military personnel available.

The State Meteorological Agency:

  • It will provide information on different meteorological variables and their temporal evolution.
  • It will maintain the AEMET winter road system for UVR (Risk Assessment Unit) that provides more adjusted forecasts spatially and temporally for anticipating decisions.

The General Directorate of Traffic

  • It will disseminate through messages launched on the media and social networks, as well as on illuminated road signs, the information necessary to maintain road safety.
  • It will answer the calls of citizens in its 011 service and will provide updated information in its free application.