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The new Swiss team celebrates its debut in the “Tatort: ​​Züri brännt”. That’s what Carol Schuler and Anna Pieri Zuercher say about their new roles.

Two unequal female police officers have to pull themselves together in the new Switzerland “Tatort: ​​Züri brännt” (October 18, 8:15 pm, the first) to solve a mysterious murder case. The investigations lead the different women back to the turbulent Zurich of the 1980s. Who is the new Swiss investigative team consisting of Carol Schuler (33, “Skylines”) and Anna Pieri Zuercher (41) anyway? In the interview, the actresses give insights into their new roles.

Carol Schuler is Tessa Ott

The actress Carol Schuler (33) slips into her new role of the “crime scene” investigator for the first time in “Züri brännt”. “Tessa Ott is a case analyst and the new member of the cantonal police in Zurich,” is how she describes her role. The young policewoman comes from a wealthy, influential family, but she broke away from the world of money and power at an early age. “Because she has an irrepressible urge for freedom, a rebellious character and also a great sense of justice,” said Schuler.

Tessa Ott questions her life and the decadence in which she grew up, Schuler continues. Because of her rebellious nature, she also constantly struggled with the decision to go to the police, among other things because it was difficult to reconcile with her past in the autonomous squatter scene. She secretly suspects that her family started her job with the Zurich homicide squad behind her back.

Anna Pieri Zuercher is Isabelle Grandjean

The actress Anna Pieri Zuercher (41) also gives an insight into her new role as Isabelle Grandjean before the first episode is broadcast. The investigator actually comes from French-speaking Switzerland, which is why she has a “charming accent”. In addition to the classic police school, Grandjean completed a distance learning course in law. She is fast, strong, ready and smart, was the best in her studies, but is also very lonely.

After her training she worked at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, where her belief in a just world was shaken. “Her daily struggle for justice is her credo because she actually wants to save the world,” said the actress. Grandjean initially has a split relationship with her new colleague, as Ott didn’t have to fight for everything like she did. “On the one hand, she admires Ott and on the other, she pushes her away,” says Zuercher. There is “always the inner back and forth between the two women”.


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