Lewis Hamilton could take the lead at the Formula 1 Tuscany Grand Prix, thanks in part to the fact that in the final stage of the time trial, Valtteri Bottas, who had dominated the weekend so far, had no chance of a second try – his improvement hopes Esteban Ocon crossed his 3 made a mistake at the exit of the corner and turned the Renault around, luring out the yellow flags.

“I made a small mistake, otherwise it would have been a 1: 16.3 nail,” Ocon said after the timer, who could have even reached sixth place based on that, so he could only wait for the red lights to go out from 10th. “Unfortunately, I just overstretched the string a bit, so I apologize to those who couldn’t finish their rounds because of me.”

“Well, I felt comfortable in the car, so I thought I could still have plenty of time to win. Everyone goes hard on this track, but if you cross the border, you bite. But I will still have opportunities, it doesn’t promise to be easy to start, especially in the first few turns, where we can get more people side by side. ”

This is how the F1 timer was destroyed 1

With the other Renault, Daniel Ricciardo can cut him from the eighth starting block to the first Tuscan Grand Prix in Formula One history.