Evija is a completely different Lotus than ever before, as the British, who have made small, light petrol-powered sports cars so far, are entering the future of electric supercars with it, without any gradation. Evija is already in the final stages of development, but they are still filed on the car. That’s why its release was postponed for almost half a year, so the first buyers will not be able to take over the 620 million forints Evia, which is being made in 130 copies, only in the middle of 2021.

Gavan Kershaw, director of vehicle characteristics, is now showing in a video what the car knows on Lotus ’3.5-kilometer test track in Hethel. The electric Lotus has a total of five driving modes to choose from and all cover different battery and drive management.

In Range – so optimized for range – mode, only the two rear electric motors drive the car, giving a maximum output of 1,000 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. This is the closest way to a range of 400 kilometers. In urban mode, the Evija provides better power control and reduced regenerative braking.

In Tour mode, the car already automatically decides between all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, with 1400 horsepower and four electric motors for cornering.

In Sport mode, 1700 horsepower and 1700 Nm of torque are already available, and the track-optimized Track provides full firepower of 2,000 horsepower. All this without a compressor four-cylinder and V6 sound, electrically.