Buying a vehicle always has added expenses, such as mandatory maintenance, reviews and part replacements. It is true that motorcycles are somewhat cheaper to maintain than cars, but in the electrical sector their price is even cheaper.

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If electric cars already need less mechanical maintenance than fossil fuel cars, in the case of motorcycles this is almost non-existent, With the exception of four aspects that are related to the cleanliness and the body of the motorcycle.

Why do electric motorcycles hardly need maintenance? Well, because by not having a fossil fuel engine, they do not require oil or filter changes and, in addition, repairs are usually much cleaner in the absence of fluids such as fuel.

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Nor is it necessary to review them annually. It is enough to attend to that thetires and brakes are in good condition and replace them periodically when necessary. Likewise, the ITV will not need an inspection of noise or emissions, so its cost will be lower.

What elements to pay attention to

There are four elements to check in an electric motorcycle: cleaning, brakes, suspension and covers. That the vehicle is clean is essential for its correct operation and can even avoid fines (driving, for example, with a dirty license plate is a reason for sanction).

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These four aspects they are inexpensive to maintain and service, but in the case of brakes and suspension it is recommended to go to the workshop once a year to make sure that all pieces are in perfect condition.

Tires are excluded from the service list since all vehicles, electric or not, they need good wheels for safe driving. When they are deformed or the pattern does not present a minimum depth, it will be necessary to change them.