The growth of Free market In recent years it has been really outstanding, because not only have they made important investments that have allowed them to compete head-to-head against Amazon in Mexico, but they have even positioned themselves as one of the best e-commerce stores in all of Latin America, something that is not an easy task.

And the latest announcement of the company in Mexico comes with great news, as the company has mentioned to us how they have done so that most of their deliveries are made in less than 24 hours, and how they will continue to improve this shopping experience on the platform.

For this, David Geisen, general director of Mercado Libre and Omar Ramírez, director of logistics of Mercado Libre have told us about the investments that have resulted in more distribution centers, and also a fairly robust air and land fleet to meet demand of the users.

More than 80% of the products already arrive in the first 48 hours

The general director of Mercado Libre mentioned that, according to an AMVO study, 70% of consumers expect their product to arrive in the first 48 hours after ordering it, and that is something that Mercado Libre complies with without problem, however, Their challenge was to make the wait even shorter, for that reason an investment of 100 million Mexican pesos was made to achieve delivery times of one day.

“Opening the box of a product is more exciting than the purchase itself, for this reason we are conquering the last mile, that is, the delivery of the package to the buyer. We have made great efforts in technology, resources and investments to have our own fleet and partners to operate throughout the republic.

Surely you have seen our beautiful yellow vans in the different cities of the country, well, that is part of our fleet that joins other courier companies such as DHL, Estafeta, etc. that will continue to be part of our network, because it is important for us to work with many logistics providers to ensure fast and efficient delivery that delivers on our promise to customers. ”

In addition to this, Omar Ramírez commented that currently the company has 4 aircraft dedicated to deliveries in Mexico, and that there are another 4 in Brazil, so with this it is possible to take all packages from one end of the country to another to get deliveries done in 24 hours.

“Years ago we had a model where the origin of the purchase was that the seller received the transaction and contacted his logistics partner to send the package to the buyer. Now we have a model known as Fulfillment Center, where all the platform sellers have the option of joining the distribution center where we do all the packaging and distribution of their products so that the buyer receives their orders much faster than in the model previous.

But that’s not all, because our logistics network has become more robust with greater precision in the promise of delivery for the buyer ”.

The managers affirm that all this investment has no negative impact on either the sellers or the buyers, that is, receiving a package in less than 24 hours does not have an additional cost for users, yes, shipments that arrive in 24 hours hours are those with the legend “Full Shipping”, and may or may not have a shipping cost depending on your benefits with Mercado Puntos.

Regarding the land fleet, the company has only mentioned that it has thousands of units throughout the country that vary in quantity depending on the area, but that does not mean that they have stopped or will stop working with their commercial partners made up of large courier companies such as DHL, FEDEX or Estafeta, as well as small and local courier services in each city or state of the republic.

On the other hand, David Geisen has mentioned to us that despite the fact that they now have a more robust air and land fleet, there are still no plans to extend trade between countries in the Free Market because it is not very developed, however, they have solutions that allow companies from abroad to market products in Mexico, and all they need is a business name in Mexico or the United States to participate in this scheme.