Anyone engaged in a creative profession such as video production, design, or photography knows the time, effort, and patience involved in working with equipment with poorly balanced and unbalanced technical specifications.

With this in mind, a new proposal from HUAWEI has come to the market that seeks to accompany the user at each stage of the creative process: the MateBook 14.


Weighing barely 1.49 kilograms and measure 15.9mm At its thickest, the MateBook 14 can be easily transported from place to place. This way you will take with you the recording schedules, scripts, lists and documents necessary to start planning your next great artistic work. All well stored in its 512GB of storage.


Transfer the photos and videos that you captured with your Huawei smartphones will be tremendously simple with this equipment, since it has the platform Huawei Share that, just by placing the phone on the touchpad, it shows the mobile screen on the notebook display to easily drag files from one device to another. So you can analyze the captures well, study them and decide if they work or there is something to repeat.


Once you have all the material, editing and working on it will be easy and fun thanks to the AMD Ryzen 7 processor with 8 powerful cores, to your cooling system Shark Fin 2.0 and to the Maximum Performance feature (available in power settings) that prepares the processor for demanding graphics applications. The team also has 16GB de RAM and a battery of 56KH with fast charge.

To enjoy!

The 2K display with 90% body-to-screen ratio and range of 3: 2 aspect of the MateBook 14 not only serves to see every detail of your work when editing it, but also to enjoy the final result with a high level of quality. To that you can add a powerful sound system and technology that protects your eyes from blue light.

If you or your acquaintances have a creative profession (or want to start one) you should definitely consider the HUAWEI MateBook 14, which is currently priced at $27,999 MXN and can be purchased here.