It’s been over 20 years and you may not remember it, though Andy McCoy visited during the first season of the Kokkisota program in 1999. The rocker’s wife was also present Angela Nicoletti-Hulkko, and the couple competed in the episode against each other.

Although it wasn’t usually the way on the show, McCoy drank beer throughout the filming and let his chef-pair Harri Syrjänen handle most of the cooking.

In an interview with Iltalehti, Andy McCoy excited to recall his old visit to the Kokkisota program. He claims, in his own words, “almost stabbed Sikke Sumarin”.

He says he was slicing garlic when the presenter scared him by sneaking back.

– I was there with a damn sharp knife, the mule suddenly comes close and yells at my ear. I hit the knife up and said, “never interrupt me, I could have beaten this,” Andy reminds Iltalehti.

– I reacted as a large part of people would have reacted in that situation, he sums up.

“Stay in the role”

Iltalehti also reached out to celebrity chef and restaurateur Sikke Sumari, known as the presenter of Kokkisoda, to comment on the allegations.

– I don’t remember the events exactly, so that may be possible. Not much of the program is cut off, but the 20-minute cooking is described in a tube, Sikke recalls.

– Andy has very well been able to hit the cutting board with a knife, crazy and quite a bit of confusion that episode was. At least no trauma has been left of this. And the production would have taken him away from it, if there had been some big problem, he laughs.

The descriptions of the episode left good memories – at least there was enough momentum in them. One throw of a rocker has remained in Sumari’s mind alive.

– I remember it when Andy said, “Stay in your role.” It was mostly ridiculous that this is this Andya. I don’t remember exactly why he said that, Sikke says.

– The program was filmed on his terms, and it never occurred to me to interfere with drinking beer, for example. Andy is such a powerful character, and an unpredictable person, that this could have been followed by even the raiders!

Everything else that was hilarious happened in that episode. Chef Harri Syrjänen, seen in the Chef War, recalled three years ago In Ilta-Sanomat Andy and Angela’s visit.

– For example, we had olive and rapeseed oil in a container looking like a wine decanter. When Angela ran out of white wine, she poured more from the carafe into the glass. He was calm when he noticed that rapeseed oil had been drunk, Harri Syrjänen told the newspaper.

The best pieces of the episode can be seen on Youtube. You can see the video clip in the section below or from here.