The NBA already knows its new future stars after the 2020 draft. Anthony Edwards was chosen as the best of his generation after the Minnesota Timberwolves chose the Georgia Bulldogs guard as the first of more than 200 young people who entered the draft. Despite his 19 years, he has proven to be a player very versatile in terms of shooting and with a lot of creativity at the time of elaborating the game of his team.

In addition, it has great offensive vocation that he has perfected based on work, effort and love for basketball, something that was not always present as a priority in his life, since Edwards He started out standing out in American football. However, as soon as it developed, he preferred to use his 1.96 meters high to crush hoops, something that he himself admitted in an interview.

“Football (American) is the sport I started in and I will never forget. Don’t get me wrong, basketball is number 1 because I feel like it will help me overcome many of the things that I need to overcome. That’s what I do. It’s my job, “he acknowledged in statements to ESPN.

And it is that Edwards has verified in his own skin the importance of overcoming the hard life he has had, losing the two women in his life: his mother and grandmother, victims of cancer, with little time difference, and without the figure of a father, who abandoned him as a child. Her mother Yvette and her grandmother Shirley passed away in 2015 just eight months apart, both on the 5th.

In fact, the escort has had them very present ever since, wearing the dorsal ‘5’ in his honor and with two of his paintings accompanying him on draft night. “My brother and I told each other that we weren’t going to quit basketball because we knew my mother and grandmother would want to that we continue playing. And that’s what I did. Focus all my energy on the court and forget about the rest. “

This number one has been a prize for Edwards and the possibility of showing what the pandemic barely left him in the Bulldogs, and confirming that his statistics in the institute (25.7 PTS, 9.6 REB, 2.7 AST, 2.1 ROB) they are not by chance. Something like this began to do in the 30 games played in Georgia (19.1 PTS, 5.2 REB and 2.8 AST), but he lacked finishing the machado.

Now he joins some Timberwolves who have generated a lot of illusion, especially after the return of Ricky Rubio, who together with stars of the stature of D’Angello Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns, will bring out the best of a Edwards who wants to be the new great promise of North American basketball.