There is no doubt that Android is one of the most important operating systems today, its nature as an open operating system has allowed it to become the most successful and used mobile OS of all time, and it is also that same characteristic that has allowed any manufacturer to bet on Android to offer various options to customers that fit their financial needs.

For the first time in Mexico, Google has shared a study on the economic and social impact that Android has had in Mexico, this study has been carried out in conjunction with the research and analysis firm Bain & Company, and where they talk about the importance of the operating system in Mexicans beyond the fact that it is the OS that is offered in a larger catalog of devices that is suitable for all market needs.

Android benefits the income of companies in Mexico

Bain & Company mentions in his report that in Mexico there were 375 billion pesos in revenue generated in 2019 by companies involved in the Android ecosystem, that is, by those that are associated with the hardware, software and connectivity of devices that use Android.

On the other hand, the firm reveals that there are approximately 280 thousand jobs involved with Android in different companies, and many businesses have even benefited from Android during the pandemic to extend their business to digital channels and serve customers in ways that they did not before. They could do it, in fact, Google reveals that many small businesses have even been able to expand internationally thanks to the benefits of Android and its business partners.

On the side of software developers, Bain & Company reveals that in Mexico most of the developers are young people who are in the North, Central and Valley of Mexico, of all of them, 53% are under 30 years of age. age and 85% under 40 years. 77% of these developers are men, while 23% are women.

Credit: Bain & Company

Android is so important to Mexicans that 91% of developers work with Google’s operating system, while only 43% & also do it on iOS. In fact, 85% of all Mexican developers surveyed reveal that they use Android as their main development platform.

Android in the Mexican market

But Android has not only had a positive impact on the businesses and companies of Mexicans, it has also had a positive impact on society. Do you remember that at the beginning we mentioned that one of the great advantages of Android was the versatility of options on the market? Well, the possibility of finding a functional Android phone from 1,400 pesos has helped more people have access to technology and different connectivity services, according to Google, 17 million Mexicans had their first access to the Internet via an Android device in the last 5 years.

For its part, Bain & Company mentions that Mexico is the second largest smartphone market in Latin America and represents 26% of the total value of the region, there is even talk that in our country during 2019 1 in 4 Mexicans bought a new phone. Of all users in Mexico, 87% have already connected to their Internet from their phone in the last year, so having affordable Android smartphones is key to democratizing technology in developing countries. In fact, Bain & Company found that 75% of users spend less than 4,000 pesos on a phone.

Furthermore, 95% of smartphone users believe that Internet access has had a positive to very positive impact on their lives.