In the town of Thousand Oaks, northwestern Los Angeles, Ventura County, a lavish villa would now be for sale if the bench happens to be in order.

Puck legend Wayne Gretzky put his magnificent manor up for sale. The price request is $ 22.9 million, which is approximately EUR 19.4 million at the current rate.

In addition to the residential building, the nearly 2.8-hectare plot includes tennis courts, two inns, a swimming pool and a garden.

Richard Landryn designed by the locker room with six bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, a cinema, a billiard room and a gym. The living space in the manor is 1,235 square meters.

Upstairs offers spectacular views of Lake Sherwood and the Santa Monica Mountains.

Pictures of the villa can be found on the Los Angeles Times website.


Gretzky first bought the manor in 2002, when it had just been completed. Five years later, he sold it to a former baseball star Lenny Dykstralle $ 18.5 million.

However, Dykstra went bankrupt, and a million owner found a new owner for $ 12 million at auction.

Gretzky bought back his old mansion two years ago for $ 13.5 million, or $ 5 million cheaper, with which he had sold it. And the catch price is now as much as $ 9.4 million more than the purchase price two years ago.

Gretzky ended his magnificent puck in 1999.

Source: Los Angeles Times

The area of ​​the apartment was repaired at 8.55 and the area of ​​the plot at 11.59.