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TV Germany has made it: the winners of the RTL show “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” have been chosen. But Lisha ultimately disappoints.

It borders on a miracle: We are at the final episode of the RTL show “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” 2020 (also via TVNow) arrived and everyone is still alive. The last four couples are Diana Herold (46) and Michael Tomaschautzki (48) alias Team Spirit, Martin Bolze (63) and Michaela Scherer (54) alias the Pharos, Andreas (54) and Caro Robens (41) and of course the relentless Lisha (34) with her most loyal follower Lou (31). After the high treason by Caro “Judas” Robens, she continues to spray poison and manure – only now nobody listens to her.

Because the prize money is within reach. The game that decides who is allowed to move into the semi-finals: The pairs have to answer questions and maneuver balls into the holes of an oversized puzzle board. Everything, of course, through teamwork, which gives us the joy of observing the dynamics of the individual couples in extreme situations one last time.

Finally harmony in the house

While Team Spirit temporarily falls away from faith and yells at each other until the sweat splatters, Lisha doesn’t insult her husband for a change, just the game. Team Pharo collapses under the weight of the game or Martin’s know-it-all. The only couple who stay cool despite the situation are the Robens: Andreas laughs happily at his dirty jokes, Caro reacts as hard-boiled and as dry as ever. Both the Pharos and the Robens have to give up early because the women can no longer hold the field.

Both women apologize to their husbands for this. Reaction Andreas Robens: “Oh come here, it doesn’t matter.” Reaction Martin Pharo: “You always have to hold it like that, not like that!” Holding technique or not, the Pharos knew the least and therefore have to go anyway. “After all, we weren’t much more stupid than the others,” said Martin’s summary. To say goodbye, he forces his wife in the camera room with a firm grip to sit down again so that he can still warble into the camera: “And to all of you who don’t like us – have a nice evening anyway!”

With the departure of the Pharos, something like harmony moves into the “summer house” for the first time. Lisha and Lou, who have mutated into a lone warrior couple without their hate buddies, go to bed early while people laugh on the veranda and ponder the beautiful landscape. “I’ve now reached a point where I could stay two more weeks,” said Diana.

Lisha’s plan for the final doesn’t work

The next morning, Team Hass gets ready for the big plan of revenge: First the spirits should go out, then Caro and Andreas are taken into the finals, “… and then it is settled. For the sword that was in my back, 40 knives fly today “, Lisha announces with a head-down gesture on her neck. Even if the audience would probably have paid to see Lisha and Lou in the final battle against their “traitors”, unfortunately nothing will come of it.

The game that decides on the final is again about questions of knowledge. Lou: “The questions were just for more educated people.” Lisha, reflected in an unusual way: “Well, not really. The questions were already for normal people, but we’re just among the normal people.”

The farewell is then also quieter than expected. Lisha’s closing remarks: “I don’t give the finalists anything because I don’t give a shit about them. But should I honestly say something? Or no, I’ll leave it.” No more bad words for Caro, no accounting, verbal knives or other voodoo dolls scattered around the house. Lisha and Lou move away and only insult the “stupid ground”. Nobody would have expected that.

Muscle strength vs. Belief in God: These are the winners

In the final game, the Robens and Team Spirit face each other, muscle strength against belief in God. The task: Using sandbags, the pairs have to destroy the portraits of their opponents, puzzled out of cubes, and then assemble their own. First shoot down the enemy by force and then build your own face? One second of silence for Lisha, who would have loved this game.

But now Caro and Andreas, pumped to the limit with adrenaline, are rocking: With only two dice ahead, team bodybuilding makes it to the buzzer and can be celebrated with the ejaculating champagne bottle in one hand and the suitcase with 50,000 euros in the other before it goes straight to the euphoric pairing of tongues in the confetti rain. The “summer house” final 2020 is done.


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