This summer we have spent it between culinary appointments and vermouth with friends and, although we have added to our kitchen a air fryerTo make fried foods a healthier snack, we have noticed that these pleasures have taken their toll on our bodies. However, far from regretting it, we have made a clear determination: it’s time to get back to a healthy lifestyle. This includes a daily training routine and a commitment to a healthy and balanced diet. Thus, and although we do not follow a strict diet, we want to take care of ourselves and be able to indulge in a gastronomic whim from time to time without having regrets.

What is and how to do intermittent fasting?

Of course, in addition to motivation, we need some allies to help us achieve this new healthy goal. We have already recharged our smartwatch, which helps us to record all the training data and check if we continue to progress. We have also ordered wireless headphones that allow us to perform the exercises with music and thus benefit from the motivating power that it has. Nor do we lack small appliances in the kitchen, such as a steam case, which encourage us to maintain a balanced diet in an easy way. But, To check the results of both eating a healthy diet and exercising, we need a scale that offers us data beyond weight.

In the offer catalog flash From Amazon we have found a model that, in addition to the kilos, shows another 18 body indices that help us to be aware of our real state and to know where we should influence with the help of a professional. This device is causing a sensation and it is not surprising since only during the next few hours It has a discount of 60% and you can get it for less than 20 euros. Of course, if you’re interested … don’t think about it too much!

This scale stores data for up to 8 users.
This scale stores data for up to 8 users.

Three benefits that make it irresistible

  • Measures 19 body indices. In addition to weight, this scale offers us data such as our level of body fat, muscle, water or bone mass, the degree of obesity, the type of body, and all this is recorded and synchronized with an application on our mobile phone where we can analyze detailed reports that can help us improve our physical condition.
  • Differentiated profiles. This scale is capable of automatically identifying the user who has stepped on the scale if the difference in weight is greater than five kilos. Thus, it is capable of storing data from up to eight users of which it keeps its daily, weekly, monthly and annual records to show exhaustive analyzes.
  • Daily work. If we want to obtain a complete report, it is advisable to go through the scale daily and so that we do not forget, the device itself incorporates a measurement reminder function.

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