Thiago Martins dating and model ends and ex-couple swaps unfollow

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Dating of Thiago Martins and Talita Nogueira came to an end. The artists faced social isolation together on the cover of the heartthrob, in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, but chose to separate after 1 year together. Since the end of the relationship, the actor was seen in shows alone while the model made a trip to Pernambuco also without any company. According to sources at the newspaper EXTRA, the two ended the romance and did not maintain their friendship.

Thiago Martins swaps unfollow with Talita Nogueira

On the social networks, the separation between Thiago Martins and Talita Nogueira became more apparent. The ex-couple, who enjoyed moments at bars and parties, exchanged unfollow on Instagram and kept some photos together, the last one being on September 3rd. At the time, the actor joked when announcing the birth of a heifer. “Now we are 3. Thank you for all the messages, for all the affection with us and for all the fans! Jorgete was born beautiful and already has all our love!”, Warned the singer. The model, on the other hand, deleted all publications with her ex-boyfriend.

Thiago Martins enjoys show of the band Revelation without Talita Nogueira

Thiago Martins enjoyed the show of the band Revelation without the presence of Talita Nogueira, being the first signs of the end of the relationship. The actor, on the last 23rd, had fun with friends while watching the show of the band Revelation, which was part of the Jardim do Samba event, which took place in Cidade das Artes, in Rio de Janeiro. On the occasion, the artist enjoyed the lively party, but alone. The model, on the other hand, made a trip to Pernambuco entitled to photos in paradisiacal settings with the caption: “Live and let live because those who love life are the ones who get up. It’s not that life is better or easier, everyone knows of your battles. none is measurable or comparable. But fall, you can be sure, everyone falls. So trust, bet, fall and rise. ”

Find out dating details of Thiago Martins and Talita Nogueira

Thiago Martins and Talita Nogueira started an unlabeled relationship in 2019. The two chose to live in the moment and not get caught up in titles, but officially took up dating in February. “Heart is great. It’s dating. In fact, we don’t like to label much, but we are together, we are really happy and that’s what matters most. She is a very special woman”, said the artist whose last relationship it was in 2017 when the 5-year courtship with actress Paloma Bernardi ended in 2017.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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