American Conservatives accuse some of the waste on Facebook and Twitter of censoring and influencing the presidential election. The accusations originated when an American newspaper published Joe Bidenia critical article.

American newspaper The New York Post reportedly captured the son of U.S. presidential candidate Biden Hunter Biden a computer that found references to Biden’s Ukraine connections. The headline of the New York Post talks about a smoky weapon in the form of emails revealing Hunter Biden introducing a Ukrainian businessman to his father.

According to the article, Hunter introduced Joe Biden to a member of the management of a Ukrainian energy company. Less than a year later, Biden pressured Ukrainian government officials to fire a prosecutor who was investigating the company represented by that businessman.

Biden’s campaign department rushed to deny the meeting, after which Facebook and Twitter began restricting the linking to the article. Some giants appeal to prevent the dissemination of false information.

– This is part of our normal course of action to reduce the spread of misinformation, says a Facebook spokesman.

Twitter says it has limited the visibility of the article because the correctness of the origins of the materials it contains is questionable.

It is raining criticism for some waste

However, Facebook and Twitter’s restrictions on distributing the article have sparked criticism that some companies are trying to protect Biden in the presidential race against Trump.

– Facebook and Twitter are not media platforms. They are propaganda machines, In the editorial of The Post it is said.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley writes in his letter to the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerbergillethat selective restrictions suggest Facebook is biased. He also cites in his letter data that Facebook employees, among others, have donated nearly $ 5 million to Biden’s campaign, but less than $ 240,000 to Trump’s campaign.

Senator Ted Cruz in turn approached the CEO of Twitter in a letter Jack Dorseya.

– Twitter censorship is quite hypocritical as it allows users to share critical articles with weak sources from other candidates, Cruz writes.

President Trump has also, less surprisingly, criticized the actions of some giants.

– It’s awful that Facebook and Twitter removed The New York Post’s story from smoky gun emails about Joe Biden and his son Hunter, Trump Tweets.

The computer repairman handed over Hunter Biden’s machine to Trump’s lawyer

The Post’s information is based on e-mails received by the magazine. According to the newspaper, Hunter Biden had taken his computer for repair in Delaware. The owner of the repair company copied the computer’s hard drive and handed the device over to the federal authorities for inspection. Hard copy sent by owner Donald Trumpin to a personal lawyer Rudy Giulianille, which forwarded it to The Post.

Biden’s campaign has not denied the existence of a computer or the accuracy of the emails. However, Giulian has a questionable reputation for disseminating disinformation and Biden’s allegations about Ukraine.

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