They would deprive II. John Paul from holiness?

Qui seminat ventum, turbinem metent – says Latin, but we also know in Hungarian: who sows winds, reaps storms.

The injured this time is none other than St. II. Pope John Paul II (1920–2005), after whom a square was named in Budapest. His name is associated with the acceleration of the process of consecration within the Catholic Church, and it is now his sacred nature that is being questioned by some Catholic circles, especially, but not exclusively, in America.

Moreover, he is not yet declared a patron saint of Europe, nor is he ordained a church doctor, he reported. the Hungarian Courier Catholic news site.

A National Catholic Reporter in an editorial urges American bishops to suppress the cult of the Polish pope and Kathleen Cummings, head of a center at the Catholic University of Notre Dame he told The New York Times: II. John Paul

The abuse scandal has now reached the pope with the Holy See publishing the other day a statement on the responsibility of former US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington. report. Even in America, this was not the only abuse scandal that has cast a bad light on the Catholic Church in recent years or decades; you can read about such matters here and here, for example.

But it was the most egregious of them.

McCarrick, now 90 years old, was the first cardinal to be forced to resign two years ago following sex charges against him and even expelled from the clergy, and his honors and honorary doctorates were revoked.

In turn, his career II. During the papacy of John Paul, despite the accusations against him, he curved upwards uninterruptedly, and during this time he was also appointed to Washington.

Tamás Jézsó, a Catholic religion teacher and editor of the Felszabtér blog, told the Index about the significance of the McCarrick case:

On the blog, Jézsó also asked about the position of the Hungarian Catholic Church and received an answer. In this, among other things, you can read:

(In many cases, it is not sexual abuse of children, but of abuse.)

All this St. II. John Paul also questions the legacy; the Polish high priest was the head of the Catholic Church at a critical time for the harassment, 1978-2005.

– said Tamás Jézsó, adding that there are organizations not only in the United States, but also in South America and France,



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