They will not pass: the premise of Stop! Frontera, the series about Latin American smuggling

This Sunday the 27th, the A&E signal will premiere this docuserie that puts the camera in 15 hot spots between neighboring countries. High tension at the heart of illegality.

While the streaming It no longer knows how to reinvent itself in the face of so much quarantined demand, cable signals always seem to have a new ace up their sleeve, to refresh the grid with premiere materials. This Sunday, September 27, at 9 p.m., A&E presents ¡High! Border, a new series that introduces us to the hottest border points in Latin America.

And the camera points to the physical and emotional challenge of who seek to go beyond the limits of legality.

Narrated by Mexican actor and conductor Julio Bracho, this series focuses on the ingenious smuggling techniques and the dramatic situations that are experienced in 15 border points between Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

The series focuses on lhe adventures of men and women who transport prohibited substances or goods, as well as undeclared currencies. Many of them, small merchants struggling to survive, move merchandise from one place to another to sell it at a higher price, and a short distance from the border crossing.

Agents specialized in canceling these maneuvers, by sky, land or sea, must act effectively. That is the game of tensions proposed by the five-part series.

Arturo Merino Benítez Airport, international air border located 17 kilometers from Santiago de Chile. Considered the gateway to the continent. Around 27,000 people cross it daily. Here we are the first shipment.

“Behind each restriction a new temptation is born”, they tell us in off. With a very aesthetic S.W.A.T., the camera puts us in extreme situations in airports. The voice insists that Santiago’s is one of the most modern in existence. There, camouflaged among the thousands of tourists, a Puerto Rican begins to be followed and then intercepted with two suspicious black suitcases.

The camera zooms in on a subject of undisguised size. By far a Homer Simpson on vacation. We see that three agents find four packages of a neatly packed organic substance. Double bottom accounts for designer drug platelets. Through immediate testing, the inspectors realize what it is and in a fraction of seconds they say: “Ecstasy”.

In the same chapter, they go to the border between Colombia and Ecuador to review the automobile movement of a very busy route. There we see that undeclared commercial objects are directly confiscated by the Police.

In a rather dilapidated private car, they discover a shipment of fruits and vegetables equivalent to a whole Central Market. Police kidnap kilos of something that looks like purple lettuce. The scene of the old ladies begging for their vegetables ends up being quite moving. What is that they carry?

Every week the reality show will seek to focus on “the most peculiar situations of illicit traffic and contraband”says the newsletter. This series will take an up-close look at people risking everything while crossing checkpoints.

The next episode will be around a group of 15 passengers who is intercepted at the international airport of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, with forged documents that raise suspicions of belonging to an illegal immigration network to Spain.


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