For wanting to save 45 euros and go smart, to the French international of rugby XV Gael Fickou has had to pay ten times more. The reason: blamed another driver of a speeding violation.

The events date back to August 2019. The outer center of the bleus was hunted at 81 km / h in an area limited to 70 km / h, near the village of Saint-Genest-d’Ambière. I was driving a Renault Captur rent, so the consequent fine came to the company that rented it.

This is where Fickou committed the biggest offense: authorities have shown that the French defender sent a copy of a driving license from a Romanian driver he does not know. This trick is not new, far from it, but it is a very common custom in this type of speeding tickets. It is estimated that about 150 cases of fraud are processed of this type a year, so it did not take long for the police to report the Stade Français player.

Now Fickou will have to pay 450 euros, 10 times more than it would have cost him to pay the fine initially, although it will not pose any problem for him, since he is the player who charges the most in the French XV, with a estimated salary of 800,000 euros per season.