They study the impact of COVID-19 on mental health

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The Ministry of Health of Peru, country with the highest mortality of COVID-19 per million inhabitants, began a mental health study to find out the impact that the coronavirus crisis has had on the emotional, psychological and social well-being of the population.

The research, carried out by the National Institute of Mental Health (INSM), seeks to know the trends of the psychological problems and social behaviors associated with COVID-19 and sanitary control measures, the Ministry of Health indicated in a statement.

Effects on mental health

INSM specialists will focus on identifying the magnitude and evolution of the general problems of mental health in the adult population and in relating them to the experiences, health containment measures and behaviors assumed by the population during the pandemic.

The study will be conducted with three online surveys, one every two months, which will include demographic data, a questionnaire on behaviors, experiences and expectations related to COVID-19, as well as questions related to emotional aspects that could be linked to the pandemic.

The results will serve to estimate the needs to face the effects of the pandemic in mental health, as well as the motivations of the population to comply with health control measures, said the director of the INSM’s Executive Office for Research Support and Specialized Teaching, Javier Saavedra.

“The COVID-19 epidemic, like others that have arisen in our society, has generated a great impact on mental health due to the social upheaval, in addition to the direct effects in terms of illness and loss of human life, “said Saavedra.

Contagions and deaths

The latest report on the balance of the pandemic in Peru registers almost 730,000 infections accumulated after adding more than 7,400 new cases in the last 24 hours, which maintains the country as the fifth in the world in affected population.

The deaths increased to 30,710 after registering 117 new deaths in the last day, which raised the mortality to 94 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.




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