Footballers are still one of the greats thieves targets. There have been waves of robberies at the homes of players in Spain and England and continues in Italy with the incident suffered by the former forward of the Italian team Luca Toni.

The former player himself reported the robbery suffered at his home. He did so through a publication on his social networks in which he acknowledged that both he and his family were inside the home when three individuals assaulted them, although he stressed that no one was injured.

The assailants were hiding with balaclava and they were armed and circumvented security. They carried out the robbery for two hours and took “my precious assets, but above all emotional assets,” said the former soccer player.

Toni acknowledged that “on Thursday night between 19:30 and 21:30 I suffered a robbery at home by three criminals who wore ski masks and weapons “.

The former striker stressed that “the most important thing is that my family is well, they have not hurt us even though we have suffered a good trauma and a strong scare. I’m also sorry that the criminals took me my precious goods, but above all affective goods “.

Luca Toni He also explained that “as soon as the event was over, law enforcement had intervened, surely alerted by neighbors when I see a car driving down my street, the surveillance did not notice anything, I ask for respect and privacy for me and my family at this time thank you all “.