Despite the fact that they have already been out for a few months, The Last of Us Part II continues to stay in the conversation, be it because of the way the most intolerant community he continues to look for ways to put him down or for the colossal number of copies he’s selling.

They attack Abby from TLOU 2; now they go against her body and routine

On this occasion we will not speak as such of The Last of Us Part II, but yes of his main figure, Ellie, who thanks to the dedication of the modders can now be integrated into the remake of Resident Evil 3.

The person responsible for this modification was the modder Darknessvaltier and the three-dimensional model of Ellie was extracted by Daemon1 and Crazy31139.

A curious fact is that this is not the first time that Ellie integrates with Resident Evil thanks to mods. In this regard, Neil Druckmann himself – director of The Last of Us– He highlighted on his Twitter last year that, although he did not support the modding culture, he was surprised when the Ellie girl model was put in the remake of Resident Evil 2.

Furthermore, the fact of seeing Ellie in the rehash of Resident Evil 3 is a kind of full circle, as it is well known that one of the games that inspired Druckmann to create the first The Last of Us was Resident Evil 4, the game that practically revolutionized the video game industry in 2005.

The third person perspective with the shoulder camera, the dynamics between two characters -an older man and a teenager- and the abundance of adversaries without the use of reason are just some of the elements that account for this inspiration.

Like other mods of Resident Evil, to start using it, the previous installation of the Fluffyquack Mod Manager is necessary. See it in video:

The mods They are alterations to the code of a video game to include visuals, music, characters, weapons and other aspects that the original title does not have.