They promote the labor inclusion of the LGBTIQ + community in Ecuador

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The professional network Pride Connection was presented in Ecuador, where it aspires to promote inclusive work spaces for sexual diversity, in which the members of the collective LGBTIQ + feel safe and free from aggression.

It is a support network for talent inclusion diverse that was born in Chile in 2016 by the hand of the “Iguales” foundation, and that over time has been expanding to various countries in the region.

Its mission is to promote “a message of non-discrimination” before governments, NGOs, universities, entrepreneurs and society in general.

Promote diverse talent

“We are in dialogue with the Ministry of Production to ensure that internal companies of the country, such as public companies, start with this new project,” said the coordinator of Pride Connection Ecuador, Emilio Cruz.

The representative explained that his job is to strengthen the diversity departments of the companies, “to help them adapt to the reality of the country.” What is sought is that “diverse talent” is included in the selection processes and that the work environment be free from discrimination.

The presentation of the initiative took place in a hotel in Guayaquil and was broadcast virtually. In addition to Cruz, the delegate of the Guayas Province Ombudsman’s Office, Mirella Icaza, the general director of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce Ecuador, Diane Rodríguez, and representatives of the Ministries of Production and Labor.

Avoid discrimination

Rodríguez highlighted at the event that the project aims for companies to have spaces “with greater opening with respect to diversity “, both public and private, without there being” any possibility of discrimination “against members of the LGBT community.

Among the companies that are currently part of the Pride Connection Ecuador network are the digital media El Diverso and the technology development company Skynet. A dialogue has also been initiated to include international companies such as Kellogg’s, Unilever Ecuador, IBM, EY Ecuador, in addition to the Canadian embassy.

Lack of opportunities

In 2013, the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses of Ecuador (INEC) conducted a study of 2,805 members of the LGBTIQ + community in the country, among whom 58% said they had no affiliation to the social Security nor access to another type of health insurance.

In addition, 27.8% of those surveyed said they perceive lower income or equal to a basic salary (less than $ 400) and 49.5% work for service companies or as salespeople in shops and markets.

15.94% of LGBTI people assured that at some point they were or are involved in activities of sex work.



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