Although there are still several months to go for the official presentation of the Galaxy S21, the South Korean firm is already finalizing all the details of its next high-end range, which may not have major changes compared to the S20, that is, we will probably talk about a A phone that will improve some specific aspects but that does not seem to have planned to be a revolution, although that does not mean that it will not be one of the great candidates for best phone of the year in 2021.

The rumors about the S21 are not new, but until now we had not seen “official” information about the device, and it is that information has been leaked that comes from a government regulator in China, that is, from the organizations that authorize the sale of new devices in every market.

In official documents This body mentions a Samsung phone identified as SM-G9910, which does not belong to any existing model on the market, so it is believed that it is the Galaxy S21, especially because of the information contained in said document.

Forget about 65W fast charging

In the file it is said that said phone would have a fast charge of 25W, that is, exactly the same that we saw in the Galaxy S20 and S20 +, since the S20 Ultra supports up to 45W of power for fast charging. However, the document mentions that the supplied charger will be the one offering 25W with an output of 11V at 2.25A.

The above could mean that the next Samsung phones may do support a faster charge, probably 45W, however, the charger with which they will come from the factory would be 25W and not 45W, and to reach the maximum power we would have to buy a charger of these characteristics separately.

The latter does not sound so far-fetched if we consider that it is a move that Samsung has already made, since including a 45W charger could increase the price of the device, however, there is also the possibility that the 45W charge will once again be exclusive to the model more expensive, that is, of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The first notice of a phone without a charger?

Samsung is one of the firms that seems to be studying the possibility of launching a phone to the market without a charger, in fact, this information came before Apple will present the iPhone 12 and we knew that all that line will come without a charger. One of the things that Samsung has sought with its best phones is to maintain a line of design and functions that improve year after year but are not big leaps either, perhaps the most important change in recent years in the S series occurred with the S20 , which even released a new design and left behind characteristic elements of other models in the series.

The issue of fast charging would be important to maintain if the company is looking to put the charger aside in the boxes and that the same charger that users already have works for future models, so it would not be a good idea for a model It supports 25W fast charging and the next one will double it, because those who buy that phone will have to buy a new charger to enjoy this experience, although that does not mean that their 25W charger will not work.

Credit: Samsung

We will have to wait and see how this situation evolves, because while other manufacturers are betting on charging systems of 65W or even higher, Samsung seems to be on a safer path and without so many experiments.