They kill eight people in two mascres

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At least eight people were killed in two massacres Perpetrated this Monday in rural areas of the Colombian departments of Antioquia and Bolívar, in the north of the country, authorities reported.

The first of slaughter It occurred in the village of La Valentina, in the Antioquia municipality of Zaragoza, where the lifeless bodies of five people were found.

The second was perpetrated in Simití, in the southern Caribbean department of Bolívar, where they went tothree people session in an area known as Los Cagüises, without knowing more details about this crime.

They investigate the murders

The mayor of Zaragoza, Víctor Darío Perlaza, confirmed to Efe that five people were murdered and that the police authorities, military and judicial authorities collect information on the ground to clarify the facts, about which not much else is known.

“Faced with information from the community about an alleged violent act in the rural area of ​​Zaragoza, Antioquia, Army troops and the Police travel to the site to confirm the situation and protect the population of the region, “said on Twitter, for his part, the commander of the Army’s Seventh Division, General Juan Carlos Ramírez.

Colonel Ever Yovanni Gómez, commander in charge of the Antioquia Police, assured journalists that the attack was carried out, apparently, by a illegal armed group.

Very violent area

Zaragoza is located in the troubled region of Bajo Cauca, which is also made up of the municipalities of Cáceres, Caucasia, El Bagre, Nechí and Tarazá, and is highly affected by the conflict generated by the control of the routes of the drug trafficking.

Illegal groups such as Los Caparrapos and the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC), called Gulf Clan by the Government and considered as the largest criminal gang dedicated to drug trafficking whose origin came after the demobilization in 2006 of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC).

53 massacres this year

As for the other massacre, the local authorities confirmed to Efe that the Police and the Army traveled to the area to investigate what happened.

In that sense, they pointed out that the victims of this massacre that occurred in the troubled area of ​​South Bolívar are two Venezuelan citizens and one Colombian. According to the Observatory of the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz), so far this year they have been perpetrated 53 massacres in 17 of the 32 departments of Colombia.




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